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Facebook’s News Feed Redesign: Not Surprising

Historically, any major modification Facebook has made to its News Feed has been met with backlash; when you have over 1.2 billion users, you’re bound to break a few eggs. This could be one of the reasons why the social network chose to scale back the major redesign it announced last March. Rather than institute sweeping changes to the way people interact with the platform, this time around it seems the company has opted for light adjustments — slightly larger […]

The Power of Product Innovation in Advertising – A Story of Facebook Link Page Post Ads

As one of the initial companies to develop software on Facebook’s Ads API more than 3 years ago, Nanigans has been at the forefront of innovation in advertising. The industry has moved from touting the promise of Facebook as a marketing channel, to accomplishing feats such as scaling $1 million in Facebook ad spend for 1 advertiser in 1 day – and doing so profitably. There have been a number of factors critical to Facebook’s advertising success, the foundation of […]

Facebook Exchange: Driving Results with Dynamic Creative

With the Nanigans Facebook Exchange (FBX) remarketing solution, advertisers have the option to dynamically display creative at an individual product, SKU level.  Dynamic creative is promising for advertisers because it offers them the ability to serve more relevant ads to consumers who have already showed intent.   A recent Nanigans study revealed that dynamic creative through FBX resulted in a 5.1.X higher ROI (return in sales revenue on the cost of ad spend) than more evergreen creative. To help you make […]


Introducing Dynamic Creative in the Facebook News Feed

Nanigans is excited to be the first Facebook Strategic Preferred Market Developer (sPMD) to support dynamic creative at the individual product SKU level for Facebook Exchange (FBX) in the News Feed.  Advertisers now have a seamless way to remarket to people on Facebook by displaying the products they recently engaged with on their website. With intent already shown, dynamic creative promises to provide greater relevancy for consumers and better performance for advertisers. Early results have been positive for large-scale advertisers […]

News Feed Increases ROI of Facebook Exchange by 197% [Study]

Advertisers with remarketing goals can now leverage page post link ads in the News Feed through Facebook Exchange (FBX). This provides advertisers increased distribution for their remarketing efforts by extending inventory from the right-hand side of Facebook into the News Feed – the place where people spend the bulk of their time on Facebook. In addition, page post link ads provide consumers with a more engaging ad unit than standard domain ads delivered on the right-hand side of Facebook, featuring […]