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Nanigans Sharpened Focus on Software for the In-House Advertiser

Since Nanigans’ inception in 2010, we’ve always focused our resources on doing best by our customers – the advertiser. We moved away from arbitrage and media markup models early on, instead offering direct-to-publisher media buying alongside transparency into cost data and the minute-by-minute decisioning logic of our algorithms. We then moved to focus on building technology, algorithms and tools to help customers drive real business goals on social, like purchases and lifetime ROI – and at a time when the […]

What Our New Website Means for Nanigans in 2014

We set out to redesign Nanigans’ website this past fall, which underwent a successful launch in December to end 2013 strong and usher in the New Year with energy. Despite changing needs throughout its development given our high-growth, there were a handful of tent-poles that held stalwart and speak to our company’s focus in 2014: Real business value Predictive lifetime value Platform differentiators Education and resources New partners 1. Driving real business value Since our inception in 2010, Nanigans has […]