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How to Find & Hire In-House Advertising Talent

Once you’ve successfully argued the case for handling digital ad campaigns in-house, where do you go to find the right talent? Hiring someone to manage your company’s user acquisition and retention campaigns can be tough. The ideal paid marketing manager is an elusive mix of logical and innovative, cool-headed when it comes to handling thousands of dollars in daily spend and genuinely excited about diving into analytics. As eMarketer reports, direct response advertising has taken over the majority of digital […]

Marketing Moneyball: Why In-House Advertising Changes Everything [eBook]

In case you missed it, last week we announced our sharpened focus on the Nanigans blog. As our CEO Ric Calvillo explained to AdExchanger, we are now focusing solely on our SaaS platform and how it can help in-house advertisers meet and exceed user acquisition and re-engagement goals. We know that skilled in-house marketers make the best operators of our automated media buying software because they can incorporate customer touch points, keen data insights, industry expertise and creative testing into […]

The State of Mobile: Programmatic Buying & Retargeting

2013 was undoubtedly the year of mobile. The global mobile advertising market more than doubled to $18 billion, and mobile ad spend shows no sign of trickling — it’s on pace to grow another 75% in 2014. Along with social media, mobile has become the most exciting advertising channel for in-house digital marketers and agencies alike. Pure play mobile companies were the early mobile advertising proponents, and now industry heavyweights Facebook and Google have catapulted mobile advertising into the mainstream. […]

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Charting A Path to In-House Programmatic

This article was originally published in AdExchanger. As the slow death of media buying agencies continues *, a growing number of marketers want to own their data and bring all buying in house. They simply need some direction to develop this competency. The five most prevalent motives for advertisers to bring their programmatic buys in-house include: Ownership of data Cost efficiency Prioritization of objectives Transparency Owning the core competency Ownership of data Brands recognize the importance of their site and […]

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Programmatic Buying: Moving From Outsourced To Self-Service

This article was originally published in AdExchanger. Ever since the first DSPs hung their shingles, the flood of venture-capital dollars into the Software-as-a-Service space has forced senior executives to ask themselves one very important question: Should they outsource programmatic buying or come up with a solution in-house? For many firms, the answer is in-house expertise, also known as self-service. Cost savings, data protection and creating expertise that is core to your brand are some of its potential benefits. I’m not […]