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5 Tips on Mastering Facebook Mobile Advertising for E-commerce

Leading retailers throughout the world are leveraging Facebook Mobile, and rightfully so. With 680 million users regularly connecting via mobile, Facebook offers a massive and tantalizing audience to retailers. So how committed are marketers to the mobile e-commerce opportunity on Facebook? By all accounts, they are embracing it as a critical engagement point with their base. The space is not only large; ad spending is hitting new heights. 20% of Facebook advertising revenue is coming from mobile and retail is […]

Price Elasticity: Why Your CPA Is as Broke as a Joke!

This article was originally published on AdExchanger. Not all customers are created equal. If you are acquiring customers on a CPA basis, you are making three major mistakes: You are missing the customers who represent the highest lifetime value You are only able to afford customers during supply rich periods Somebody is taking advantage of a huge margin on your spend and is incented against acquiring your most valuable customers.   CPA based bidding is one of the biggest farces […]

Facebook Advertising Holiday Trends – CPC, CTR & ROI

Top ecommerce companies on Facebook saw on average a 240% increase in traffic to their websites from Facebook on Cyber Monday as compared to prior Mondays. Multiple retailers like Dillards and Coldwater Creek saw over a 500% increase, and one retailer, Harry & David, saw more than an 11,000% increase. Our client, the fast-growing design-focused online retailer, shared that 20% of their record-breaking Black Friday through Cyber Monday sales were attributed back to people who initially joined their site from Facebook. In reviewing […]

Insider’s Guide to Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce [Infographic]

When it comes to online advertising, the retail industry tops the chart as the highest-spending sector, projected to grow 24% this year to represent 22% of all online ad spend. With Facebook’s unparalleled reach as an online media outlet and its unprecedented targeting parameters from demographics to interets and actions, retailers are certainly understanding the power of Facebook beyond driving Likes to fuel their bottom lines. In fact, our client was highlighted yesterday on CNN as being “the e-commerce company that was […]

Facebook Advertising Trends: CPCs Increased 80% During the Holidays

Online retail sales reached a new $37.2 billion record high this holiday shopping season. That’s up a sizable 15% from 2010. With social networks cited by consumers as their leading online shopping portal (topping both retail and comparison sites), it’s no surprise that many advertisers turned to Facebook this year to place ads and take advantage of the social network’s 800 million active users, engagement and targeting parameters. The result of this increased demand for Facebook ads was higher cost per clicks (CPCs). […]