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Facebook Exchange (FBX) Attracts Bigger Ad Budgets, Boosts Returns for Advertisers

According to data from Nanigans’ clients, the final quarter of 2013 was the biggest Facebook FBX spending period ever as advertisers looked to boost returns by reengaging high value consumers on Facebook. Since its introduction in June 2012, marketers have increasingly allocated bigger budgets to FBX, as serving ads based on known user preferences to Facebook’s massive audience (more than 1 billion users globally) has proven to be highly effective for driving conversions. Nanigans examined its global performance data to […]

Insider’s Guide to Retargeting with Facebook Exchange [eBook]

Retargeting has become a must-have component of any performance marketing campaign as marketers have discovered the extraordinary value of reaching the 98% of consumers who didn’t convert on their first visit to a website. At the same time, Facebook has emerged as a powerful advertising channel boasting more than 1 billion users globally. Facebook won over advertisers with its innovative targeting capabilities and native ad units that performed exceptionally well because of their centralized location, ability to scale and high engagement rates. To capitalize […]

Facebook Plans to Roll Out Retargeting with Custom Audiences

Facebook is planning to extend its Custom Audiences product to allow brands to directly target users who have visited a website or used a mobile application.   With this new feature, advertisers will be able to target people directly after visiting specific pages on their websites or apps. Facebook’s custom audience feature lets marketers take their current customer lists and show ads to just those customers on Facebook. Custom Audiences works with all Facebook ad formats and targeting capabilities and mobile […]


Facebook Exchange: 10 Steps to Boost Conversions

Just how powerful is the Facebook Exchange? FBX, Facebook’s real-time ad exchange, is one of the best performing ad products available in digital media because of its ability to deliver ads to people who have demonstrated intent by visiting and engaging with their domains. It has opened up a whole new world for direct response marketers who have successfully leveraged FBX to drive purchases, app installs, travel bookings and form submissions. And the results are staggering. On average we’ve seen FBX […]

Mobile Marketers: Supercharge Targeting with Facebook’s New Custom Audience Solution — App User IDs

Facebook has just made it easier, faster and more effective for mobile advertisers to reach, remarket and reengage their customer bases. In its continued focus on solving challenges for the mobile industry, Facebook recently released a new custom audience solution designed specifically for mobile app developers: app user IDs. To date custom audiences have enabled marketers to take their CRM information (specifically email addresses, phone numbers or Facebook user IDs) and match them with Facebook profiles containing this same information. The […]