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Advertisers Surpass Return on Ad Spend Goals by 33% Using Nanigans’ Mobile SDK [Study]

Maximizing your first-party data is critical for higher returns on mobile. Data is at the heart of mobile advertising optimization. Without insight into downstream revenue-generating events like in-app purchases, mobile app advertisers may be wasting ad budgets by ignoring the post-install behaviors that actually drive growth for their business. To measure and optimize on in-app events, many advertisers on Facebook employ an external mobile measurement partner (MMP) to close the loop on attribution. However, the vast majority of large-scale advertisers […]

Facebook Advertising Bid Type Spotlight: oCPM

Relevance is the holy grail of digital marketing, and thanks to its in-depth targeting capabilities, Facebook is a strong channel for delivering the right message to the right customer. Of course, the bid type a performance marketing manager selects has a lot to do with the outcome of a given social media campaign. Bid types determine the effective reach of an ad, and whether you’ll be able to engage customers – extremely important components of an advertising strategy – so […]

How a Leading eCommerce Retailer Scaled From 4K to 20K on Mobile – in 3 Days

Mobile is an increasingly important market for brands in 2014. According to comScore, 4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphone to shop. As online sales increasingly come from mobile, eCommerce companies are placing a big emphasis on luring customers to their native apps with Facebook mobile app install ads. To scale these efforts, savvy eCommerce companies are stepping up their creative game to ensure their ads are relevant and compelling to a variety of audiences. Last month, the Nanigans Ad […]

The Day Facebook Changed for Marketers

This article was originally published on the MITX Blog. For performance marketers, Facebook changed forever this past May. Nanigans was invited to speak at Facebook’s 2013 Global Sales Conference, in which the company provided an update to its entire sales organization about the past, present and future of Facebook marketing. The typical agenda for these types of annual updates is to generate a lot of mystique and excitement for the curtain, which when actually drawn back doesn’t reveal anything all […]

Achieving 100%+ Same-Day Return on Facebook Ad Spend with Nanigans’ ROI Optimization [Case Study]

Retail was Nanigans’ largest and fastest growing sector in 2012, with companies licensing our Ad Engine leveraging a variety of Facebook ad products and achieving impressive results. This case study highlights a remarketing campaign which benefitted from Nanigans’ ROI optimization algorithms, achieving over 100% same-day ROI and 1,000% 7-day ROI consecutive days in a row. Goal The retailer’s goal was to reach people on Facebook already familiar with their brand to drive incremental sales during holiday shopping season. The retailer aimed to […]