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Build vs. Buy Programmatic

To Build or to Buy? That Is the Question for Programmatic Advertisers

The build or buy question runs through the heart of technology as well as through the heart of every business leader. Even the largest companies don’t do everything in-house. Apple doesn’t make its iPhones, Foxconn does. Businesses outsource everything from public relations to human resources to website development and design. Programmatic advertising has added some nuance to this age-old build-or-buy conundrum. These days, it’s possible to build your own programmatic trading desk. Some, including Sprint, Dr. Pepper, Snapple, Amazon and […]

6 Questions with Our Principal Data Scientist

Before arriving at Nanigans over two years ago, Sharat Chikkerur spent five years at Google and Microsoft writing and deploying machine learning algorithms. Not a bad way to hone your skills. Sharat says that experience — particularly his work at Google building large-scale machine learning systems that predict click-through rates for ads on the search engine giant — gave him a great foundation for his role as Nanigans principal data scientist. We recently sat down with Sharat to discuss why […]

Retargeting Spend

Spend Less on Retargeting, Get More from Your Ad Budget During Holidays and Beyond

When you picture the holiday buying season, you probably envision mobs of shoppers edging their way through store aisles. That’s only half the story. Actually, it’s less than half. A Deloitte survey of 4,000 Americans shows that for the first time ever, consumers plan to do 51% of their holiday shopping spending online. So a more accurate picture of holiday shoppers might be someone sitting at home in their pajamas tapping on their iPad. For marketers, this means that competition […]

Incremental revenue

2018 Ad Tech Predictions: This Is the Year Marketers Get Real

Expect 2018 to be a year of reckoning. In our experience, marketers are increasingly seizing the reins and taking control. As they do, they’re asking hard questions of themselves and their vendors and many times the answers aren’t pretty. There will be four big trends in 2018 as a result of marketers taking control. Marketers will demand transparency The industry has been on notice for some time about fraud within the ad tech sector. A 2016 ANA study found that […]

How Rue La La’s In-House Advertising Team Grows Incremental Revenue at Scale

When Rue La La, an off-price online style destination, looked to grow net-new revenue from site retargeting, they turned to Nanigans for a new optimization strategy built on incrementality. The result? A dramatic increase in incremental revenue. Here’s how they did it. True measurement In order to accurately measure the lift in revenue from its retargeting programs, Rue La La abandoned the industry-standard, yet misleading, click and view-based measurement. This methodology does not take into account the organic baseline revenue […]