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Nanigans Sharpened Focus on Software for the In-House Advertiser

Since Nanigans’ inception in 2010, we’ve always focused our resources on doing best by our customers – the advertiser. We moved away from arbitrage and media markup models early on, instead offering direct-to-publisher media buying alongside transparency into cost data and the minute-by-minute decisioning logic of our algorithms. We then moved to focus on building technology, algorithms and tools to help customers drive real business goals on social, like purchases and lifetime ROI – and at a time when the […]

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Blurred Lines: The Rise of Social Media TV

Talk about blurred lines. In an age where the Oscars can break Twitter, the Venn diagram of social media and television advertising is fast becoming one big circle. The portability of tablets, smartphones and lightweight laptops combined with short viewer attention spans and hashtags built right into primetime shows like Fox’s Glee and NBC’s The Voice has built a fertile ground for marketers to work their magic. The adoption of TV recording technology such as TiVo and DVR (dubbed “time-shifted […]


How to Generate One Million Dollars in Revenue on Facebook

This article was originally published on Social Media Today. Back in April, we published a blog article entitled How to Spend a Million Dollars in One Day on Facebook.  We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, so we decided to continue the “million dollar” series and this time we’re tackling revenue. The campaign management team at Nanigans is accustomed to working with a wide variety of advertisers who have very unique marketing goals. For some advertisers, their goal is […]

Facebook Partner Categories

How to Leverage Facebook Partner Categories to Boost Ad Targeting

Facebook recently announced Partner Categories, allowing advertisers to more accurately pinpoint their ads to specific categories of people.   Previously, advertisers were able to show ads to people based on their selected interests and pages liked on Facebook. With Partner Categories, they can now show ads to people on Facebook based on their purchases across both desktop and mobile. Partner Categories leverages third party data from Acxiom, Datalogix, and Epsilon and works with other Facebook targeting options so that advertisers can […]

Q2 2013: The Facebook Ads & Sponsored Stories Guide

Facebook advertising options update quite frequently, so to kick off Q2 we wanted to provide an updated overview of the options available to advertisers today. There are three areas of focus, which include Placement Options, Facebook Ads Creative Details and Sponsored Stories Creative Details. Placement Options: Facebook offers 7 main placement options available to advertisers, which include: News Feed Desktop News Feed Mobile Homepage Logout Page Search Bar All Facebook Each placement is unique in its own way, so it’s important to remember […]