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Fall Advertising Tips for Social Media Marketers

Retail stores are already decked out in Halloween adornment and Starbucks brought back Pumpkin Spice Lattes last week (!), so you might not be surprised to find out that a new month and a whole new season is upon us. As children return back to school, advertisers’ thoughts turn to visions of sugar plums and Black Friday, the most important shopping day of the year for most online businesses. Strange as it seems, some companies start putting together advertising strategies […]

4 Ways To Connect Your Online And Offline Campaigns

To compete in today’s ever-changing digital marketing landscape, marketers are increasingly adopting approaches that leverage both online and offline channels to fully engage customers. Effective marketing campaigns break down silos, leverage unified customer data across all channels to deliver the right message at the right time through the right medium. A recent study from Vizu, (a Nielsen company) backs this up. Their latest study revealed that 66 percent of advertisers use paid social media advertising along with other online advertising, […]


How Native Advertising is Reinventing Digital Media

Do you recall the brand behind the last banner ad you saw on your desktop or mobile?  If you’re like the rest of us, chances are you probably don’t remember. But don’t feel too badly about it. More than likely you are suffering from what the industry has coined as “banner blindness” or the growing phenomenon where people ignore banner-like information. This trend has become increasing more apparent as display ad click-through rates have nosedived over the years and the […]