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Large-Scale Online Retail: What Does It Take To Succeed?

At Nanigans we believe that it’s better to specialize what our software can do and who we choose to work with, rather than try to be a one-size-fits all advertising solution. Over the past five years we have been laser focused on building the best campaign management and optimization platform a large-scale direct response digital advertiser could ask for. Along the way we have learned what core qualities make our online retail customers truly successful – and we thought we […]

Sharing Ad Campaign Reporting With Your Team Just Got Easier

Sharing and communicating reporting information is a crucial step in understanding how campaigns are performing across your entire team so that you can consistently strive to iterate and improve. All too often as marketers we have our own preferred versions of reports and end up with different information, making the process of evaluating campaigns and standardizing on metrics difficult. At Nanigans we have not only made the process of gaining complete insight into the performance of your ad campaign easier, […]


Former Facebook Exchange Product Director Joins Nanigans

Addition Furthers Advertising Technology Company’s 2013 Momentum and Growth BOSTON – June 26, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) – Nanigans, Inc., developer of the predictive lifetime value SaaS platform for performance marketing at scale, has appointed Antonio Garcia-Martinez as advisor. Antonio joins Nanigans after a strong year of growth, with the company growing revenues 2.5X, serving 200 enterprise customers, and operating four offices worldwide. Antonio comes to Nanigans after more than two years developing Facebook advertising technologies. Antonio is a former ad […]

Why Our Executive Team Didn’t Write Our ‘Culture Deck’

This article was originally published on Harvard Business Review. Boston is teeming with entrepreneurship. The “startup renaissance” that followed the financial crisis of 2009 has led to as many acquisitions as it has public companies. For the founders and CEOs of many startups, the recent influx of additional tech giants to Boston like Amazon, eBay and Twitter means that hiring – especially when it comes to engineers – will become even more challenging. With far deeper pockets than early- and […]