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Online Travel Advertising Ready to Take Off in 2015

It’s easy for Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) to focus on the major spikes in revenue that they experience over seasonal events like Spring Break and Christmas, but looking solely at peak customer purchasing times may render online travel advertisers short-sighted. Studies researched and led by eMarketer over the past year suggest that there are many investment and ROI opportunities available to companies who zoom out to see the bigger picture. How are trends like mobile usage, local targeting and traveler […]

Facebook Advertisers Abuzz Over Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific is the source of a massive user base for Facebook. Monthly active users increased 23% year-over-year in Q4 2013 and eMarketer predicts that it will continue to be the highest growth area until 2017, fueled by users from India, Japan and Indonesia. Asia Pacific is not only fastest growth market for Facebook but it also offers tremendous potential for advertisers. E-commerce is one of Facebook’s largest advertising verticals in Asia Pacific. According to the latest predictions by eMarketer, for […]

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday on Facebook

Black Friday online spending reached record numbers over the weekend. According to Comscore, Black Friday 2013 saw $1,198 billion in desktop online sales, making it the first billion-dollar holiday season shopping day and heaviest online spending day to date, up 15% from Black Friday 2012. Cyber Monday is expected to be even bigger – this day usually produces billion-plus sales for retailers and this year Comscore is predicting $1.8 billion in desktop ecommerce. Always interested in how holiday shopping trends […]


5 eCommerce Trends for the 2013 Holidays

Thanksgiving is here and retailers are in full holiday mode. Industry analysts have released a profusion of holiday retail ecommerce focused research, with undoubtedly more on the way. In this post we’ll highlight some key points around what looks to be an optimistic holiday spending season. 1. eCommerce Sales will Grow By 15%. eMarketer is reporting strong eCommerce sales growth this holiday season.  They are expecting sales will reach 68 billion in November and December. This is up 15.1% from […]

Facebook Advertising: Revenue, Market Share and Projections

Over the past several years, Facebook ads have gone from being a new notion to representing the largest market share of online display ads. eMarketer recently published a report projecting worldwide social network ad revenues to grow by the billions. Over a four year period from 2011-2014, social network advertising is expected to grow from a $5.2 billion industry to a $11.87 billion industry. Of the projected $7.72 billion of social network ad revenues, 47% is anticipated to come from the United States. […]