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Occupy Wall Street on Facebook

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

Today marks the one month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, an ongoing series of demonstrations in NYC and other major cities in America. Supporters are protesting against corporate greed, the influence of corporate money on governance, and economic inequality such as the widening wealth gap in America. The official demand of the group is for President Obama to “ordain a Presidential Commission tasked with ending the influence money has over our representatives in Washington.”

Since the group’s inception a month ago, the movement has garnered donations of nearly $300,000 (amidst some arrests). Demonstrations have been held in 70 major cities in the US, and internationally flavored “Occupy” protests have been held around the globe.

We were curious who exactly makes up this group of supporters in America, and turned to our Facebook advertising platform to find out who is championing the cause on the social network.

Current State

As you can see from the map, the majority of Occupy Wall Street’s support base lives in New York and California, with 14% and 12% of those interested in Occupy Wall Street currently living in these states, respectively. Texas, traditionally a red state, comes in third with over 5% of the movement’s base residing in the state. Florida (4.7%), Pennsylvania (4.6%), Wisconsin (3.9%), Washington (3.9%), Illinois (3.8%), Michigan (3.2%) and Ohio (3.2%) round out the top ten. Those states with the least interest in Occupy Wall Street: South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Mississipi and Delaware.

Age and Gender

When it comes to the demographic makeup of Occupy Wall Street supporters, those aged 20 to 34 comprise 50% of the movements base. Excluding those aged 15-19, the older you are the less apt you are to publicize support of the movement on Facebook:

When it comes to gender, a slightly larger portion of males than females support the movement:

We also pulled Facebook data with regard to relationship status to identify any interesting trends. As you might guess given the age breakdown above, the majority (64%) of Occupy Wall Street supporters are single or in a relationship. 39% are engaged or married.

Does anything surprise you about the data? Let us know in the comments!

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