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Nanigans Exceeds 80 Billion Facebook® Ad Impressions in Q3

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

Nanigans’ Ad Engine™ Served Over 10,000 Facebook Ad Impressions Each Second in Q3

November 7, 2011 – BOSTON, Mass. (BUSINESS WIRENanigans, Inc., an advertising technology company and Facebook Ads API developer focused on helping marketers maximize the effectiveness of Facebook ads, today announced dramatic third quarter results. The company’s Ad Engine™ delivered 80 billion social ad impressions on Facebook in the third quarter alone.

Nanigans has grown rapidly in 2011, averaging a monthly growth rate of 45 percent since January.

In the third quarter Nanigans delivered Facebook ad impressions at an average rate of 10,000 impressions every second. The company attributes this expansion not only to its own success, but also to the increasing number of companies engaging with Facebook’s 800 million active users.

“Our third quarter results are a testament to the growing number of companies deriving value from the Facebook marketing ecosystem,” explained Ric Calvillo, CEO of Nanigans. “Marketers are moving beyond experimentation, to running large-scale advertising campaigns with goals that range from driving Page Likes and App installs to word-of-mouth referrals and repeat purchases. We look forward to continuing to grow alongside our marketing partners.”

The Nanigans Ad Engine automates the labor-intensive process of managing large-scale advertising campaigns on Facebook, including multivariate creative and audience testing as well as bid and budget management. The company’s ad optimization technology measures beyond the ad clickthrough to customer engagement in order to maximize return on ad spend.

The Ad Engine is used both as a self-service platform and on a managed-service model by hundreds of companies across a variety of sectors, including social gaming, e-commerce, online dating as well as by traditional brand marketers and agencies.

About Nanigans, Inc.

Nanigans offers a fully automated Facebook® advertising solution developed using the Facebook Ads API. The company’s Ad Engine™ platform automates the labor-intensive process of managing large-scale Facebook advertising campaigns, measuring beyond the click to meet goals across the full marketing funnel: from driving Likes and App installs to word-of-mouth referrals and repeat purchases. Founded in 2010 and backed by Avalon Ventures, over 200 companies leverage the company’s platform. Nanigans is located in the heart of downtown Boston, has over 35 employees and is growing rapidly. To learn more, visit:

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