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Nanigans in the News: Roundup of Recent Press

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

Nanigans was featured in the media several times in the last week, so we wanted to highlight all that press and thank the journalists who got to know us a bit better:

Boston Globe

Tech firms hop on Facebook’s wave

Globe reporter Michael Farrell visited our office in October to interview our CEO, Ric Calvillo, about building a company around Facebook. The article was featured on the front page of the Boston Globe yesterday, along with several other Boston companies including Brand Networks, Awareness Inc., Vivox, Zynga‘s Cambridge office, and and our investor Rich Levandov of Avalon Ventures.

Our one qualm with the article: we have solid desks (not “fold up tables”)… and if he believes our office overlooking Boston Common is “bare-boned,” he should have stayed to enjoy the lunch we have catered every day! From the article:

Nanigans Inc., Calvillo’s fourth start-up, develops software that puts advertisements on Facebook, giving advertisers the ability to precisely market products and services to users. Its bare-bones office overlooking Boston Common has about 35 employees, many of whom sit laptop-to-laptop on folding tables, with someone at work no matter what the hour is. “You have to consider Facebook,’’ Calvillo said. “It’s reached a critical mass.’’

SmartBlogs on Social Media

Can Facebook lure the big fish?

Last week the Wall Street Journal published an article suggesting that big traditional brands want to be on Facebook, but aren’t willing to spend their budgets there. A guest author for SmartBlogs, which provides the sector-specific SmartBrief emails every morning, responded with an op-ed to that WSJ article. The author, Alexandra Carroll of market research firm Summus, tapped Nanigans to learn more about the Facebook marketing ecosystem. From the article:

Of course, what Facebook has right now is millions of engaged users and the natural corollary is good ol’ fashioned targeted advertising.  “Advertising dollars follow eyeballs, and both the number of users and time they’re spending on Facebook has and continues to go nowhere but up. With consumers actively engaging directly with brands alongside their friends and family — and the opportunity to measure those interactions — Facebook is arguably the most transformational media platform of our time,” explained Ric Calvillo, CEO of Nanigans, a fully automated Facebook advertising solution built specifically for large-scale advertisers.

All Facebook, BostInnovation & Mass High Tech

Nanigans issued a press release Monday morning regarding the volume of Facebook ads we served in the third quarter and our overall 2011 growth. Three media outlets wrote stories around that release, including All Facebook, BostInnovation and Mass High Tech.

All Facebook: 80 Billion Facebook Ad Views for Nanigans in 3rd Quarter

All Facebook is dedicated exclusively to covering news about Facebook, so we were excited when they summarized the news:

It wasn’t all shenanigans for Facebook advertising developer Nanigans in the third quarter, as the company said its Ad Engine delivered 80 billion social ad impressions during the period. Nanigans said it has been averaging a monthly growth rate of 45 percent since January, with impressions reaching 10,000 per second during the third quarter.

BostInnovation: Nanigans Serving Over 10K Facebook Ad Impressions Every Second

In our early startup days we used to work in the same co-working space as BostInnovation, and they covered our growth with some added personality:

Boston based Nanigans takes Facebook ad campaigns a step further by actually focusing on gaining customers and not clicks. Their algorithms automate the entire process optimizing ad spend to reach and convert high-value customers, as opposed to just bidding for placement that gets you the cheapest clicks. Getting a click doesn’t mean someone is going to actually convert and install your app, register for an email list, spend money with you, etc. Nanigans focus is on the true ROI of your Facebook campaign.

Mass High Tech: While Zuckerberg is in town, Nanigans touts big Facebook ad numbers

Mass High Tech, another local tech news outlet in Boston, also recapped our press release, noting it hit the wire on the same day Mark Zuckerberg was visiting Harvard and MIT:

With Facebook Inc. founder and leader Mark Zuckerberg in town today to recruit the best and brightest from Harvard University and MIT, Boston ad delivery startup Nanigans Inc. has chosen this day to release the fact that it delivered 80 billion ad impressions on the social giant in the third quarter alone.

Thanks to all of these outlets, journalists and bloggers for getting to know us better!

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