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Super Bowl XLVI on Facebook: Giants vs. Patriots Players [Infographic]

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

We knew from our NFL playoff infographic published last month that America is a Patriot’s nation on Facebook. With Super Bowl Sunday finally here, we wanted to dig deeper and pit the New York Giants and the New England Patriots’ coaches and players against one another on the social network in a position-by-position breakdown. We tapped our Facebook advertising software for the data, and Patriots players trump in buzz on Facebook for every position we examined:

We compared how many Facebook users were interested in each team’s starting players for the major positions on the football field. Football graphics represent the level of interest in each team’s player for that particular position. (Note: Footballs are relative only on a position-by-position basis, and are not comparable between positions. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, for example, actually has more than a thousand times more people interested in him on Facebook than Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes.)

The wide receiver position is the only position where a Giants player has more Facebook buzz than a Patriots players. Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz has slightly greater Facebook reach than Patriots wide receiver Rob Gronkowski. That being said, there is considerably more interest in Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker to make up for the difference in that position.

For fun, we were also curious about the gender composition of fans of quarterbacks Eli Manning and Tom Brady. Would you guess that Brady has a greater portion of lady fans than Manning? We did; but, to our surprise, Manning actually does. 47% of people mentioning or Liking Manning on Facebook are female, and that number is only 37%  for Brady.

Does anything surprise you about the data? Let us know in the comments!

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