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The State of Facebook Marketing in Infographics

Written by: David Noam, Marketing Intern

Facebook ads are here, and they’re here to stay. Over the past few months there has been an influx of new, fantastic infographics on Facebook and its emergence as one of the preeminent online engagement and marketing platforms. We decided to share some of our favorites, organized by the current state of Facebook trends, understanding your followers and fans, maximizing the potential of your Facebook marketing campaign, and the future of the Open Graph platform and Social Sharing.

Courtesy of The Social Marketer: Facebook emerges as the largest ad impressions publisher on the internet

Facebook, once thought of as the future of online advertisements, has become the dominant force in a crowded field of online ad publishers.

Courtesy of KISSmetrics: The importance of a Fan Base

KISSmetrics provides a great analysis of the importance of a fan base, and some insightful tactics to grow your online community.

Courtesy of Moontoast: Who are your fans?

Before you can get started with growing your online community, you need to understand who your fans are, and how they work. Remember, it’s not just in the quantity of fans, it’s in the quality.

Courtesy of AesConnect: How to design a Facebook ad campaign

So you now know that Facebook is a great place to market. You know you need to create a Fan base. But how do you do it? AesConnect provides a great infographic on how to effectively create an ad campaign.

Courtesy of Aytm: What does Branding look like in the age of social media?

Aytm puts it all together in the following infographic, showing how Fans interact with companies, and what effective Facebook branding looks like.

Courtesy  of Bynd The future of Facebook’s Open Graph platform and social sharing

In the following infographic, Bynd takes a look at the future of Social Sharing, looking at user engagement and how frictionless sharing on the Open Graph platform will change online marketing for good.

These are some of our favorite infographics. Which are yours? Let us know in the comments!

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