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Comparing the Top 20 Internet Retailers on Facebook

Written by: Jennie White, Marketing Associate

In honor of the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition this week which Nanigans is sponsoring and exhibiting, we dove into our Ad Engine’s campaign data to break down who’s interested in the top 20 largest internet retailers on Facebook. We examined Internet Retailer’s top 20 internet retailers ranked in their Top 500 Guide.

Let’s break down the charts above, which represents American interest in these internet retailers:

First, in the bar graph above, we compared these top 20 internet retailers’ reach and popularity on Facebook. Not surprisingly, Amazon has the highest reach on Facebook and also holds the number #1 spot on the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide. Next comes Walmart and Apple, #4 and #3 on the Top 500 Guide, respectively. The bar graph above is an indication of how much internet retailers have invested in the Facebook opportunity.

With a sense of how much these top 20 internet retailers have invested in growing their base on Facebook, we were next curious about who on Facebook is interested in these retailers. As you can see from the pie charts, nearly two-thirds of people interested in internet retailers on Facebook are female and slightly more than one-third are male. As for the age composition of people interested in internet retailers on Facebook, the two largest groups are 13-20 and 21-30 year olds. These two age segments make up close to 60% of those interested in internet retailers on Facebook.

The Facebook platform — from Pages to Ads to plugins — provide boundless opportunities for internet retailers to engage and convert the social network’s 901 million active users into purchasing customers.

Are you surprised by the numbers? What strategies would you use to target these audiences? Let us know in the comments!


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