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Facebook Premium Ads from Nanigans

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

Facebook recently announced that its Premium Ad inventory is now available through the Facebook Ads API. Nanigans was quickly white-listed, and we’re excited to announce that customers can purchase these Premium Ad units through our Ad Engine.

Where are Premium Ads displayed on Facebook?

Leveraging Premium Ads on Facebook ensures your company’s message and content reaches Facebook users where they spend the majority of their time: on the homepage. Premium Ads are shown on the right-hand side and within the News Feed on desktop, as well as within the News Feed on mobile (see image above). With these prominent placements, Premium becomes one of the most impactful ways to distribute your content and message on Facebook.

When should Premium Ads be leveraged?

Premium Ads are an incremental product to Marketplace Ads. They are best used for timely reach, engagement or brand awareness to a broad audience. For example, Premium Ads are most effective when used for key events, such as a new product or movie launch. Premium Ads can also be used to continuously reach and engage with your fans; however, Marketplace Ads can be more effective for long-term ad campaigns around fan and user acquisition as well as for driving traffic to properties off-Facebook. Overall, Premium placement on Facebook helps maximize visibility around the people interacting with and talking about your brand and content.

What types of Facebook Ads are available through Premium?

Facebook Ads available through Premium include all Page Posts (photos, videos, events, links, text, polls and offers), all current Sponsored Story types (Page Like, Page Post Like, Page Post Comment, etc.), standard ads leading offsite (with image or video), and standard ads for applications. This range of engaging ads offers marketers flexibility and options when catering their content and message to reach a broad audience as well as capitalizes on the power of fans and their friends interacting with and talking about your brand or app.

Why should I go through Nanigans instead of Facebook to leverage Premium?

Bringing API control to Premium Ads allows marketers to pool budgets and compare performance of their ad spend across all Facebook Ad types and targeting options. With an unprecedented number of ad types and targeting options available on Facebook (demographics, interests, actions, etc.), programmatic buying through Nanigans’ Ad Engine is crucial to increase efficiency and maximize return on your Facebook ad spend. In addition, marketers can benefit from faster turnaround in setting their Premium Ad campaigns live on Facebook.

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