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Nanigans Releases Support for Sponsored Results in Facebook Search

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

New Nanigans Ad Engine™ Feature Enables Marketers to Purchase Advertising in the Facebook Search Box; Company Shares Early Results

August 30, 2012, Boston, Mass. (BUSINESS WIRE) – Nanigans, Inc., developer of market-leading Facebook® Advertising software, has released a feature that enables marketers to purchase advertising in Facebook search results.

The Facebook search box receives a large number of queries every day from people searching on Facebook. Nanigans’ sponsored results feature allows marketers to purchase featured placement within these search results, providing marketers an additional avenue to reach Facebook’s user base of nearly 1 billion people.

“With sponsored results, marketers have the opportunity to drive awareness and discovery of their app and brand next to related apps and Pages,” explained Ric Calvillo, co-founder and CEO of Nanigans. “Our early results show that users find these placements very engaging, with sponsored results averaging 23 times higher clickthrough rates and 78% lower cost-per-clicks than Marketplace Ads. In some instances, we have seen clickthrough rates for sponsored results exceed 3 percent.”

Sponsored results look similar to organic search results on Facebook, with the exception of being flagged as “Sponsored.” Nanigans customers can target their sponsored results to reach users searching for a specific Facebook entity, such as a Page, app, group, event or place. Marketers can employ Nanigans’ advanced targeting features to further target their sponsored results by demographics and Facebook interests.

Designed to deliver data-driven performance advertising on Facebook, Nanigans’ Ad Engine™ measures and optimizes Facebook Ad spend to meet business goals on or off Facebook, such as driving installs, purchases and lifetime value. Marketers can leverage the Ad Engine to programmatically purchase sponsored results alongside other Facebook Ad types to maximize return on ad spend.

To learn how sponsored results can help your business, contact

Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

About Nanigans, Inc.

Nanigans develops market-leading Facebook Advertising software. The company’s Ad Engine™ platform automates the labor-intensive process of managing and optimizing large-scale Facebook Advertising campaigns to maximize ROI. Chosen by leaders in social gaming, e-commerce, technology and financial services, every day Nanigans delivers over 2 billion Facebook Ad impressions that drive over 2 million performance events such as installs, registrations and purchases.

Founded in 2010 and backed by Avalon Ventures, Nanigans is located in the heart of Boston, has more than 60 employees and is growing rapidly. To learn more, visit:

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