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Facebook Mobile Advertising Case Study: Wooga’s Diamond Dash

Written by: Jennie White, Marketing Associate

Facebook recently published a case study featuring Wooga‘s success leveraging our Facebook ad optimization platform, Ad Engine, to increase mobile app installs.

Headquartered in Berlin, Wooga is the world’s third largest social game developer. Among its popular social game titles is Diamond Dash, a colorful jewel blitz game that challenges players to match three or more of the same colored gems in under 60 seconds. The higher the score you achieve, the additional lives, game secrets and magical powers you unlock.

Wooga’s goal was to increase iOS app installs for Diamond Dash in specific countries and grow the overall number of people playing the game on iPhones and iPads. By integrating Log In with Facebook into the game, players not only enjoyed more social game play, it enabled Wooga to run sponsored stories to acquire new users.

Wooga ran sponsored stories in Facebook mobile news feeds that displayed when one of their friends had played Diamond Dash for at least four minutes or twice during the previous month. Additionally, the company leveraged action spec targeting to ensure the ads it was running were reaching people most likely to download the app and become active players. These actions included “high score,” “boost unlock” and “level reached.”

This campaign strategy generated great success for Wooga, from increasing installs by over 25% to lowering the cost-per-install by 10%:

  • 26% increase of iOS installs in the U.S. market during the campaigns.
  • 29% increase of iOS installs in Germany during the campaigns.
  • 37% increase of iOS installs in France during the campaigns.
  • 10% lower cost per install than the initial target for iPhone and iPad installs in the U.S. and France.
  • Highest ever click-through rates in the U.S and U.K from action spec targeting.


The combination of leveraging the social context of sponsored stories and advanced targeting like action spec in this case study illustrates the value Facebook mobile ad campaigns have in driving high quality users to mobile apps. You can view the full case study here.

Have you leveraged Facebook mobile ads yet? Let us know your experience in the comments! Interested in leveraging Ad Engine to acquire new users for your mobile app? Contact us today!

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