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Introducing Dark Page Post Ads from Nanigans

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

Nanigans is excited to release support for Facebook Dark Page Post Ads. Marketers can now enjoy the compelling creative of standard Page Post Ads without the post content ever being published or viewable on their Facebook Page. This provides greater flexibility and control over reaching specific Facebook audience segments with highly tailored creative and messaging.

What are Dark Page Post Ads? How are they different from Page Post Ads?

These engaging ad units are an extension of Facebook’s standard Page Post Ads, which enable marketers to amplify their Facebook Page posts into ad units that can be targeted to a broader audience than would have viewed the post organically in their News Feeds or visited the Page directly.

The content of Dark Page Post Ads, however, is not generated from nor published to a brand’s Facebook Page. Instead, Nanigans customers create the ad content from within Ad Engine.

Another difference between the ad units is delivery location. While standard Page Post Ads can be delivered to the News Feed and right-hand side of Facebook, Dark Page Post Ads can only be delivered to the right-hand side of Facebook.

What are the benefits of Dark Page Post Ads? 

Dark Page Post Ads enable a company’s media buying team to independently leverage the ad unit, as often those managing and publishing to the Facebook Page are on a different team.

Marketers benefit most from this ad unit’s creative and social context. Dark Page Post Ads can have larger images than standard Marketplace Ads, and also features social context that further engages people, including comments, Likes and shares.

With the post content never publishing to a Facebook Page, marketers can tailor rich creative and messaging to specific audiences. A travel company with a winter getaway offering, for example, can deliver different images and messaging to females than males. This was not possible with standard Page Post Ads, unless the marketer were to make duplicate posts on their Page.

How is Nanigans’ Dark Page Post Ad solution unique?

Nanigans’ Ad Engine is the only Facebook advertising software that measures, predicts and optimizes Facebook ad spend for lifetime ROI. Dark Page Post Ads are no exception.

Dark Page Post Ads are created within the Ad Plan of Ad Engine, where marketers can select Page Post Ad as the ad type. When prompted to set the page post, instead of selecting a post that has already been published on their Facebook Page, marketers select “Create New Post for Ad.” They then specify:

  • Page post text (limited to 90 characters)
  • Post destination URL (automatically shortened)
  • Post image (an uploaded .jpeg file)

The embedded shortened URL includes Nanigans’ measurement technology, such as pixels and view tags. This allows marketers to measure and attribute how much lifetime value Dark Page Post Ads generate, such as the purchases users make after interacting with the ad.

Interested in learning how Dark Page Post Ads can help your business? Contact us today!

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