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Top 10 Facebook Advertising Posts of 2012

Written by: Jennie White, Marketing Associate

2012 was a year of tremendous growth for Facebook advertising, introducing new ad product after new ad product: from additional targeting opportunities such as Open Graph actions, custom audiences and Facebook Exchange retargeting to new native ad types like offers, dark page posts and mobile app install ads. From thought leadership to case studies and market trends, Nanigans helped educate advertisers on the benefits and opportunities of Facebook advertising during 2012. What did advertisers find most valuable? Below you’ll find our top 10 most read blog posts of 2012:

1. Insider’s Guide to Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce [Infographic]
This infographic is a must-see for advertisers in the retail industry. We pulled data on the performance of Facebook ads for ecommerce companies, including differences in gender and ad types.

2. 10 Interesting Facebook Open Graph Apps and Actions
With the ability for third-party developers to integrate Open Graph actions into their apps beyond the Like, we highlighted 10 of the most interesting new Timeline apps, such as The Washington Post’s Social Reader, Fab and Spotify.

3. Mobile Gaming Report: Payers, Players, Revenue – And Where Facebook Fits
The social gaming sector were early pioneers in the Facebook advertising ecosystem. We broke down the Casual Games Association‘s Mobile Gaming 2012: Casual Games Sector report which looked at the “payers”, “players”, and “revenue” trends in social gaming.

4. Facebook Predicts the 2012 Presidential Election
The 2012 election between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney saw an unprecedented amount of social media buzz. We turned to our Ad Engine to understand Americans’ interest in the candidates on Facebook.

5. 5 Ways Savvy Ecommerce Companies Are Leveraging Facebook Ads
Ecommerce companies continually recognize the importance of leveraging Facebook to meet their business goals. We described 5 ways ecommerce companies are using Facebook advertising to meet goals from acquiring members to finding purchasing customers.

6. Facebook Advertising Case Study – Custom Audiences
Custom audiences leverage a marketer’s CRM database to target current customers on Facebook. We overview the product, best practices and a case study from the gaming sector.

7. 5 Myths of the Facebook Exchange (FBX), Demystified
Facebook Exchange, or FBX, introduces impression-level retargeting on Facebook, and was one of the most discussed ad products of 2012. In a December piece on FBX we aimed to demystify common misconceptions.

8. Facebook Advertising Holiday Trends – CPC, CTR & ROI
It’s no secret that peak demand for ad inventory is during holiday shopping season. After Thanksgiving weekend we released four graphs charting trends in CPCs, CTRs, and ROI during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

9. Facebook Mobile Advertising: Early Results
Facebook reported 600M mobile monthly active users at the end of September, opening new opportunities for advertisers. In this post we compare early results of the performance of Facebook mobile ads and desktop ads.

10. 5 New Facebook Ad Products for Retailers this Holiday Season
With so many new Facebook ad products released the second half of 2012, in this post we highlight best practices around 5 Facebook new ad products for retailers to leverage during the holiday shopping season.

We look forward to highlighting more data, insights and case studies in 2013! 

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