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How Facebook Page Post Ads in the News Feed Drive Purchases & ROI [Study]

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

In the past month Nanigans conducted a study to understand how Facebook page post ads in the News Feed drive purchase revenue and ultimately ROI for retailers.

The first company able to measure post-click engagement from page post ads in the News Feed, Nanigans’ ROI measurement, prediction and optimization technology was leveraged for this study. Results are based on over 975 million ad impressions delivered across multiple retailers in December 2012 and January 2013.

Page Post Ads vs. Marketplace Ads

Nanigans compared relative performance of page post ads to marketplace ads on desktop.



Page post ads delivered on average 14% higher ROI (return on ad spend investment) than standard marketplace ads. Attributed revenue for the ROI calculation includes purchases made in the 3-days following ad delivery.

Engagement and Costs

Page post ads generated on average 45 times higher CTRs (click-through-rate) than marketplace ads. In multiple page post ad campaigns, average CTRs exceeded 3.3%.


Page post ads generated on average 68% lower CPCs (cost-per-click) and 48% lower CPAs (cost-per-action, with the action being registering for the retailer’s site) than marketplace ads. Average CPCs for page post ad campaigns ranged from $0.14 – $0.26.

Page Post Ads on Mobile vs. Desktop

Nanigans next compared the relative performance of Facebook page post ads on desktop to mobile.


Engagement and Costs

Page post ads on mobile generated 1.9 times higher CTRs than page post ads on desktop. Page post ads on mobile averaged 46% lower CPCs than on desktop.

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