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Nanigans’ ROI-Based Facebook Mobile Advertising Delivers 52% Higher ROI than Mobile Ad Networks [Case Study]

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

A leading mobile gaming company leveraged Nanigans’ ROI-based advertising solution to acquire profitable customers on Facebook mobile. The company did not want to acquire customers who simply installed the game, they aimed to acquire quality customers who monetized and made in-game purchases over time.

Campaign Goal

The game developer’s goal was to reach audiences on Facebook that generated a 49% return on ad spend (ROI) after 7 days. This goal was set based on the average ROI the game company was currently achieving on multiple other mobile ad networks.

Strategy Employed

The game company leveraged Nanigans’ ROI-based advertising platform to acquire customers who not only installed the game, but who monetized and made in-game purchases. Nanigans’ ROI-based bidding and optimization algorithms bid to acquire customers who generated purchase revenue that exceeded the cost of the ad spend to acquire them.

Facebook mobile app install ads were employed for the campaign, with the game developer targeting their core audience of females over the age of twenty.


While other mobile ad networks generated an average of 49% return on ad spend after 7 days, Nanigans’ platform delivered this return after 3 days. After 7 days, Nanigans generated a 78% return on ad spend – a 51.7% increase in ROI over other mobile ad networks.

Over the lifetime of the campaign to date (less than two weeks), Nanigans ROI-based advertising solution generated 91.9% ROI – just short of doubling their return on ad spend.

By bidding and optimizing for true ROI as opposed to higher funnel metrics like CPC, CPI or install rate, campaign ROI improved over time. In the first 5 days of the campaign the game developer achieved a 3.68X increase in day-1 ROI, and multiple audience cohorts achieved 100%+ ROI after just 6 days.

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