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Facebook Features Nanigans in ‘Performance Marketing on Facebook’ Webinar

Written by: Jennie White, Marketing Associate

It’s no secret that Nanigans is keenly focused on developing software for large-scale performance and direct response advertisers. With three years of experience building ROI-based bidding algorithms and tools to help advertisers measure, predict and optimize their ad spend to reach profitable customers, we were thrilled to be featured in Facebook’s latest webinar, “Performance Marketing on Facebook.” 


The webinar addressed the importance of direct response advertising in the Facebook advertising ecosystem. Facebook experts discussed four pillars advertisers should focus on when running performance-based campaigns on Facebook. These include placement (e.g. from the desktop News Feed to the mobile News Feed), ad format (e.g. from offers to mobile app install ads), targeting (e.g. from native targeting to FBX retargeting), and optimization (e.g. optimizing on creative to high historical conversion rates).

When discussing best practices around different ad placements on Facebook, Head of Global Performance Solutions, Dhiraj Kumar, highlighted Nanigans’ “How Facebook Page post Ads in the News Feed Drive Purchases & ROI” study to show advertisers how page post ads in the News Feed can outperform standard domain ads delivered in the right-hand side of Facebook.

Nanigans’ data showed Page Post ads delivered on average 14% higher ROI (return on ad spend investment) than ads on the right-hand side. Citing our results, Kumar recommended direct response advertisers consider shifting their focus to reach people in the most engaging part of Facebook, the News Feed.

The Facebook Marketing page, the host of the live broadcast, and Facebook’s official marketing portal is a valuable resource for companies and individuals looking to learn more about Facebook’s ad ecosystem.

We thank Facebook for featuring our study in their webinar. Interested in understanding the ROI of page post ads for your company? Contact us today! 

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