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Unpublished Page Posts in the News Feed Drive App Installs & ROI [Case Study]

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

With Facebook recently expanding Unpublished Page Post ads, formerly known as “Dark Page Post ads”, from the right hand side of the page to the more centrally located News Feed, advertisers have quickly shifted their advertising spend to test the ad format’s effectiveness in meeting their business goals (registrations, sales, app installs). Unpublished Page Post ads uniquely offer advertisers the advantage of reaching users in News Feed without bombarding their fans with dozens of different posts, which might not be relevant to them.

Nanigans’ data shows that among Facebook ad types, 23% are Unpublished Page Posts making it the second most popular ad type behind domain ads at 38%. We recently conducted a study with a leading gaming developer to better understand how Facebook Unpublished Page Post ads in the News Feed compare to standard domain ads when driving app installs and ultimately revenues.

Unpublished Page Posts vs. Domain Ads

Nanigans compared the relative performance of desktop unpublished page post ads to domain ads located on the right hand side of Facebook.

Unpublished Page Posts delivered a 55% higher ROI (Return on Ad Spend Investment) than domain ads. Attributed revenue for the ROI calculation includes in games purchases made 24 hours following ad delivery.

Unpublished Page Posts ROI

Engagement and Costs

Unpublished Page Posts generated on average a 45 times higher CTR (click-through-rate) than domain ads.

Unpublished Page Posts CTR

Unpublished Page Post ads generated a 69% lower CPI (cost-per-install) than domain ads. Average CPC’s (cost-per-clicks) for the unpublished page post ad campaigns ranged from $1.20-$1.84.



Unpublished Page Posts in the News Feed provide advertisers with a tremendous opportunity to deliver their message in the most visible location on Facebook, allowing them to easily attract eyeballs and drive response to their call to action. With a 55% higher ROI than standard domain ads, Unpublished Page Posts in the News Feed have been very promising for large-scale advertisers leveraging Nanigans’ Ad Engine software. Nanigans’ ability to track purchases from the News Feed show how effective the ad unit is for driving return on ad spend.

Nanigans has delivered effective campaigns leveraging Unpublished Page Posts in a variety of sectors such as ecommerce, gaming, travel and financial services. Interested in learning how Nanigans can meet your business goals? Contact us today!

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