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How to Leverage Facebook Partner Categories to Boost Ad Targeting

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

Facebook recently announced Partner Categories, allowing advertisers to more accurately pinpoint their ads to specific categories of people.   Previously, advertisers were able to show ads to people based on their selected interests and pages liked on Facebook. With Partner Categories, they can now show ads to people on Facebook based on their purchases across both desktop and mobile.

Partner Categories leverages third party data from Acxiom, Datalogix, and Epsilon and works with other Facebook targeting options so that advertisers can more precisely refine their campaigns to reach only the right people.  Advertisers that use Partner Categories will benefit by delivering a better experience for people who see more relevant ads and ultimately drive a higher return on investment.

Including more than 500 unique groups (with more to come) Partner Categories are available to US advertisers using a Facebook Ads API platform like Nanigans’ Ad Engine or through Facebook’s Power Editor.

Partner Categories provide a number of relevant details for each category but they don’t specify information about individual users.  They include how many people are in a category (10.6 million for cosmetics) and some of the purchasing history that includes them in that group.  The data also includes how often a product is bought in a year and details on where the information was acquired.

For example, a luxury clothing and accessories retailer looking to sell its products might want to run an ad targeting females, ages 25+ that have expressed interest in Luxury Goods and get more specific with Partner Categories by targeting women who are Corporate Moms.

Facebook Partner Categories Retail

An auto manufacturer could target could run a campaign targeting males 25+ who are BMW owners and have a home market value of $500,000-$750,000.

Facebook Partner Categories Autos

A resort hotel chain could leverage Facebook targeting to reach people 25+ who have indicated an interest in travel and refine this by targeting the Frequent Flyers Category.

Partner Categories Travel

Facebook’s new Partner Categories are a tremendous resource for advertisers, giving them a lot more detail about how, where and to whom to serve ads.   Advertisers who target more will have access to more inventory than those who target less and they’ll be able to value it at a higher rate. By refining their target audience, Facebook advertisers have the opportunity to achieve a higher ROI.

Nanigans officially supports Facebook’s Partner Categories through its Ad Engine platform and expects to share some early results in the coming weeks.  Have you leveraged Partner Categories for your campaigns? Tell us about your experience! If you’re interested in learning more about Partner Categories contact us today

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