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Introducing Dynamic Creative in the Facebook News Feed

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

Nanigans is excited to be the first Facebook Strategic Preferred Market Developer (sPMD) to support dynamic creative at the individual product SKU level for Facebook Exchange (FBX) in the News Feed.  Advertisers now have a seamless way to remarket to people on Facebook by displaying the products they recently engaged with on their website. With intent already shown, dynamic creative promises to provide greater relevancy for consumers and better performance for advertisers.

Early results have been positive for large-scale advertisers leveraging FBX in the News Feed. A recent Nanigans study showed that advertisers are experiencing 17% higher click-through-rates and a 197.3% increase in ROI as compared to standard domain ads delivered to the right hand side. Dynamic creative through FBX results have also been promising with a 5.1X higher ROI than more evergreen creative served for domain ads delivered to the right hand side.

What are the Benefits of Dynamic Creative in the News Feed?

1. Increased Distribution.

The News Feed is the most engaging part of Facebook; it’s where people spend the majority of their time monitoring their constantly updating list of stories from the people, pages and brands they follow on Facebook. The centralized location of the News Feed combined with highly relevant ad content allows marketers to more easily attract eyeballs and drive response. By running the Page Post Link Ad in the News Feed as an Unpublished Page Post, advertisers can hit a target multiple times with a wide variety of appealing ad creative without page fans seeing it organically.

Page Post Link Ad

2. Improved Relevancy.

Facebook users spend the majority of their time in the News Feed area and FBX targeted ads with dynamic creative which are based on users’ online browsing behavior will increase the relevancy of the ads they view.  Instead of advertisers having to present the same creative to everyone, they can automatically and very efficiently change creative on the individual user level.    Shoppers that browse an assortment of products or add them to their shopping cart but opt not to make a purchase can be retargeted with ad inventory that matches the products they originally expressed interest in.

For example, a shopper interested in a specific pair of shoes on a retailer’s website adds them to their shopping cart and then decides not to purchase.   With FBX, the retailer can leverage a Page Post Link ad with a thumbnail of the shoes plus a brief description with a link back to the product’s landing page on the retailer’s ecommerce site.

3. Multiple Creatives, Multiple Times Per Day.

With FBX remarketing in the News Feed, there is the option to set frequency capping. You can set how many times a person sees your ad per hour, day or week. You can also manage the gap, or the amount of time between ad impressions. This is particularly useful for Facebook remarketing campaigns leveraging dynamic creative because it allows you to adjust the amount of creative impressions a person sees in a given time period to optimize the results. For example, you may want to start out by showing 4 ads with different creatives per day, ramp up the frequency to 8 times per day with even more creatives and then monitor the results to ensure it is achieving the desired objective

For example, a consumer could visit a travel website, select a flight and decide not to purchase. The advertiser can leverage FBX to show the person a Page Post Link Ad in the News Feed with a highly relevant offer for the specific destination they were searching on multiple times in the same day.

4. Designed to Drive Direct Response.

Dynamic Creative is powerful for driving signups and sales. Marketers can leverage Facebook’s Page Post Link Ads in the News Feed which offer a combination of larger screen real estate in a more centralized location. The largest ad unit in the News Feed, Page Post Link Ads feel organic to users, blurring the line between content and advertisement.  Dynamic creative through FBX allows direct-response advertisers to more effectively and efficiently address the widespread behavior of people who often return to Facebook to check their News Feed but risk not returning to what they had been doing such as booking a hotel reservation.

How is Nanigans’ Dynamic Creative Solution Unique?

Nanigans’ FBX solution now supports dynamic SKU based creative for both domain ads on the right hand rail, Page Post Link Ads and Unpublished Page Posts in the News Feed.  It’s Ad Engine platform can support hundreds or thousands of creative versions, make frequent changes to an ad, target a  specific creative message to a specific audience and optimize best performing creative elements.

As a first step, marketers must configure and import a feed.  Ad Engine can be configured to accept a product feed either by upload or syncing with a product feed.  The Nanigans solution can dynamically replace the Message, Description, Name, Caption, Embedded Link and Picture.

When running an FBX campaign a new section is added to the Ad Design page for the user to select product categories from the product feed to use in FBX ads.



If you are running a retargeting campaign on Facebook, you should consider shifting your ad spend to the News Feed and leveraging dynamic creative to increase campaign performance.  With people spending more time in News Feed than any other part of Facebook, dynamic creative with FBX provides greater reach and the opportunity to create more relevant ads for people. As early results have shown, combining personalized branded messaging with content people are already engaged with is a positive experience for advertisers and consumers alike.

Interested in learning more about FBX Dynamic Creative in the News Feed? Contact us to learn more about Nanigans’ solution.

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