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Mary Meeker’s Latest Internet Trends Report: 5 Insights for Facebook Marketers

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

Mary Meeker, the Kleiner Perkins Partner and oracle of the internet, has released her annual Internet Trends report.  Some of her latest findings include the massive growth in global internet usage, the explosion of the mobile web and the rise of photo and video sharing.  And she predicts the imminent rise of wearable computers.

Highlighted below are five of the most important points for Facebook marketers:

1. Global internet usage is booming.

There were 2.4 billion people on the internet at the end of 2012, up 8% from 2011.  China ranks first with 564 million internet users and the U.S. is the second biggest with 244 million users.  China (264 M) and India (88 M) added the most internet users while the U.S. ranked number 10 with only (10 M) new users.

While many Facebook advertisers justly focus on the US, UK and Western Europe, a lot can be said about considering other countries.  India, Indonesia and Brazil and Mexico are among the top 5 countries on Facebook according to Socialbakers.

2. Advertisers still aren’t spending enough on mobile.

Compared to TV, there is a significant discrepancy in the amount of time consumers spend on mobile devices relative to advertising spend.  While we spend 12 percent of our time on mobile devices, mobile advertising dollars only account for 3 percent of total spending.

Advertising is a key way that Facebook will monetize its 751 million mobile users.   Earlier this year, the number of active daily visitors checking Facebook on mobile devices surpassed people checking the social network on the web.  The social network has aggressively stepped up ads in its mobile news feed and now almost one-third of Facebook advertising revenue comes from mobile platforms.

3. Image and video sharing  are “hot”

Photos are still the most popular item of personal content that we share right now with nearly 550 million+ photos shared each day on various internet services and this is expected to double within the next 12 months.  This growth has been most notably fueled by the pervasiveness of smartphones and social networks.   Video is also ramping very fast.

As Facebook’s news feed design has evolved to show richer type of stories with organic content it has moved to offer the same type of format for paid media.  Advertising in the News Feed has moved towards bigger pictures and richer media and it will continue to go in that direction.

4. Americans are sharing underachievers.

When it comes to sharing, the US is well below average with just 15 percent as compared to the world average of 24 percent.   Saudi Arabia tops the list at 60% followed by India, Indonesia and South Korea.

This may change as people become more familiar and comfortable with sharing.  Facebook advertisers have found that “Shares” even more so than “Likes” in many cases help to percolate interest and response to their paid media efforts.

5.  Wearable computing is on the rise.

While the last few decades has been all about the rise of the personal computer and the smartphone, Meeker predicts that the next few decades will be about wearable computing such as fitness tracking bracelets and glasses.  Is a Facebook powered wristwatch in our Future?

Click here for the the full 2013 Internet Trends Report.

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