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How to Create Compelling Page Post Ads

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

Advertising on Facebook is not the same as Google. It’s not the same as TV. It’s not the same as radio. Great creative is critical to the success of your Facebook News Feed advertising campaign. Facebook offers numerous vehicles for you to connect with customers, of which, Page post ads are incredibly compelling.

Available on desktop and mobile, Page post ads are advertisements that begin as posts on a fan page but get additional paid distribution among fans, friends of fans, or non-fans in their News Feeds. Page Post ads can be links, photos, videos, events or statuses, allowing for a lot of creative freedom. These ads can be shown to anyone on Facebook, even if users are not connected to your page themselves or through a friend.

One of the most compelling and apparent benefits of Page post ads lies in creative. Standard domain ads in the right-hand side of Facebook offer creative 110×80 pixels wide, whereas Page post ads can be 400×300 pixels or 300×400 pixels wide. This larger real estate makes the ad unit almost impossible to ignore, and especially if that creative is of high quality with a strong call to action. A recent Nanigans study demonstrated the effectiveness of  Page post ads in News Feed delivering a 26X higher ROI than ads on the right-hand side.

Below are seven tips for creating captivating Page post ads in News Feed.

1. Attract eyeballs with engaging imagery.

One of the most important creative elements is a captivating image. This provides consumers with an obvious focal point as well as noticeability. Beautiful images of products or people can be presented in a variety of ways to grab the user’s attention and most importantly get them to click.

Look at the opportunity for advertising in News Feed vs. the right hand side. Who wouldn’t want to click on this ad? The best performing ads on Facebook are expressive, bold and most importantly, visually captivating. Photos and videos generate between 100-180% more engagement.

Facebook Bonobos Ad

2. Ensure relevancy.

Want to know why users won’t click on your ? A user who doesn’t want to see it. Page post ads are at times the focal point of a users News Feed as they scroll. Make sure the target audiences you’re showing offers to on Facebook are your actual target markets! Bombarding ads to unqualified users burns budget and garners negative connotations.

3. Drive purchase intent.

Does your ad reward the people who are reading it? Consumers need to be given a reason to purchase now, rather than later. Promotions and incentives are often a good way to create this intent to purchase. Offering a percentage off the purchase price is usually enough to generate interest and get users to click through to your site.

This Page post ad for Sitter City features a compelling call-to-action for parents to join their service for free.

Sittercity Facebook Ad

4. Highlight your products.

Showcasing unique products in your ads can be effective. A beautiful image will spark user interest and so long as the product is offered at a reasonable price point and is accessible, it will prompt users to take action. It’s important to include a prominent brand link so people can easily identify who the advertiser is. Clear branding with an easy-to-identify brand logo and colors helps to drive ad recall.

facebook mobile ads

5. Get your point across.

This one is no surprise, and if you haven’t learned yet from David Ogilvy that copy matters then you probably never will. The key on Facebook is to make your copy concise, exclusive, enticing and worthy of a user stopping what they’re doing and pay attention to you. Think about same day sales/events/travel specials, countdown offers, local offerings and even driving users off-line to physical store locations.

6. Include social context.

In addition to the benefit of larger creative real estate, is the social context of Likes, comments and shares with Page post ads. Successful Facebook advertisers are constantly innovating and creating content and offers that people are excited to pass along. This type of endorsement makes ads more effective from both a click and conversion perspective. This is no different than what marketers have historically seen by investing in Google search on both paid (AdWords) and organic (SEO) fronts.


7. Make it about your fans.

Reward your fans by giving them exclusive access to content, products, events and offers. Fans are 2x more valuable than non-fans, so you should reward them for their loyalty. Deliver value to fans by giving them early access to sales, limited time offers or coupon codes or promote a sweepstakes or giveaway.

There are a number of moving parts when it comes to Page post ad creative and driving ROI at scale. It’s important to remember that people are visiting Facebook to check on their social lives, which means your ads have to be captivating in order to garner interests and clicks. As of today, the most eye-catching and effective real estate on Facebook is in News Feed. So whether you’re new to Facebook or a seasoned pro, make sure you’re taking advantage of Page post ads in News Feed.

Interested in learning more about creative best practices for advertising in the Facebook News Feed? Download our latest eBook, Insider’s Guide to Advertising in the Facebook News Feed.

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