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[eBook] Finding Profitable Customers with Predictive Lifetime Value

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

Today most marketers are focused on optimizing for CPA or ROI but as CMO’s increasingly request better performance and measures of success, more and more marketers will take their campaigns to the next level with predictive lifetime value (LTV). By understanding the lifetime value of various customers, you can improve your ROI in the long run.   

Don’t be left behind now that the next phase of social media advertising is upon us. Be in the know about how you can buy and optimize your ad spend for LTV on desktop and mobile. This eBook will explain how to:

  1. Buy and optimize ad spend for LTV
  2. Create amazing ad creative
  3. Target your most valuable customers
  4. Profitably scale your campaign
  5. Deliver more in sales revenue

Download our complimentary eBook to understand how you can transform your performance marketing campaigns.

Download the eBook



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