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10 Reasons Why You Should Work at Nanigans

Written by: Jennie White, Marketing Associate

Last month my boss and mentor, Cheryl Morris was published in the Harvard Business Review blog; it was the debut of Nanigans’ culture deck. In the post, Cheryl addressed the emerging trend of company culture decks and her process for creating Nanigans’ culture deck. I was fortunate enough to watch the the transformation of the deck from infancy to final product. The final result was a work of art, but the one thing that stuck to me was a quote by one of our Campaign Managers, which goes as follows:

“We don’t have co-workers, we have friends. Everyone genuinely enjoys each other’s company, has fun together and wants to hangout. The bonus is getting to come to work everyday with them.

With these words in mind I went to my teammates at Nanigans to see why they worked at Nanigans. The answers varied, but the two trends that emerged were:

  • The paradigm shift we [Nanigans] are driving in the advertising industry is impactful.
  • The people at Nanigans.

I asked a handful people why they worked at Nanigans and received the following quotes. Here are 10 reasons why you should join Nanigans (and they’re coming straight from Nanigans’ finest):

1) “I work with the smartest people in the industry on cutting edge technology. And of course, Friday morning waffles.” -Dana Baskin, Principal Engineer and Manager of UI Group

2) “For me it’s the industry we’re [Nanigans] is in–ad tech is never dull because it’s continually developing and shifting, which means I never stop learning. People outside of Nanigans always remark how cool my job is and it’s the truth!” -Laurie Bloom, Ad Operations Manager

3) “Best, funniest, and smartest people I’ve worked with, work here.” -Leo Laskin, QA Automation Architect

4) “1) I am never bored. 2) We [Nanigans] are working on something that actually works. We are providing real, measurable results for our customers which means we have a real, legitimate business plan. 3) It’s fun and casual, but everyone takes their job super seriously.” -Josh Breckman, Sr. Software Engineer

5) “This is such a great playground for people who have talents, but wouldn’t fit into a corporate hierarchy; this is a startup with great potential. I can get involved with a lot of projects and contribute visibly to the company’s daily success. This happens because the people at Nanigans are open minded (no matter what level they are) and appreciate your ideas and feedback.” -Sophie Cui, Senior Optimization Analyst

6) “Honestly, my overall thing would just be the people you work with, you won’t find anyone else like the people here and all under the same roof.” -Janina Tantoco, Sr. Campaign Manager

7)”Work on some of the hardest technical problems with some of the best talent in the industry.” -Mike Chalson, Machine Learning Software Engineer

8) “We get to play an integral role within the industry as an sPMD partner of Facebook, and work on projects that truly change the way performance marketers go to market across social and mobile. That and free lunch.” -Mike Earls, RVP of Sales

9) “Nanigans is a very entrepreneurial environment. Many people that I work with will go on to start companies, become venture capitalist and influence the start up community in general. I look forward to the days of investing into, and working with my current co-workers across my, and their careers.” -Per Sandell, VP of Product

10) “Great people in all cross functional groups, regardless of skillset—we’re a product/engineering/ops company; with the fun of Mad Men, but the seriousness of ad tech. It’s Don Draper meets Larry Page.” -John Marsland, SVP of Growth

At the core of Nanigans you’ll find a team of exceptional people dedicated to changing the advertising landscape.

Interested in joining the team? Check out our Jobs Page.

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