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Jay-Z and Beyoncé or Kanye and Kim: Who Tops the Facebook Charts?

Written by: Shaun McGrath, Marketing Intern

Jay-Z vs. Kanye West; Beyoncé Knowles vs. Kim Kardashian; the business moguls vs. the star-studded fashion icons. Jay-Z and Kanye have grown to be something much greater than your everyday “rappers,” often put into a league of their own when talking about modern day hip-hop and rap music.

In fact, the two constantly find themselves in conversations outside of music. For example, Jay-Z has invested in numerous businesses ranging from his own record label to nightclubs and being a part owner of the Brooklyn Nets. Quite similarly, Kanye takes part in numerous activities outside of rapping, with ownership over his own record label as well as various charities and fashion collaborations with the likes of Nike, Louis Vuitton and A.P.C. .

The two have seemingly grown to become “frenemies” and this could not be more true than when just weeks ago Jay-Z decided to release his 12th studio album entitled, “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” only days after Kanye West released his highly anticipated 6th studio album, “Yeezus.”

With the tension building, we turned to our Ad Engine software to find out how these artists’ worlds compare in popularity on Facebook.

Jay-Z vs. Kanye on Facebook

Despite Kanye’s worldwide popularity throughout the hip-hop, art and fashion worlds, his overall popularity on Facebook fell significantly short to the rapper-turned-entrepreneur Jay-Z. This was not entirely surprising as Jay-Z released his first album in 1996 while Kanye did eight years later in 2004. Below you can see the overall reach and popularity of the two as well as the gender and age break down of people interested in them on Facebook:


Gender – The gender breakdown for Kanye West and Jay-Z was very interesting in that it was basically a fifty-fifty split between male and female. This may stem from the massive female popularity that Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Knowles have acquired on Facebook as well as the two artists’ versatility across many different industries.


Age – The age breakdown between the people interested in the superstars on Facebook was very similar within the 13-20 year old age range and the 21-30 year old age range. However, Jay-Z had slightly greater popularity within the 31-40 year old age range, which could stem from an earlier beginning to his career.


Beyoncé vs. Kim on Facebook

Despite the numerous comparisons and great accomplishments of Jay-Z and Kanye, their may be none greater than their significant others. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter may be one of the only few females that can take the spotlight off from her husband and put it on herself. Kim Kardashian is extremely similar and may be one of the only people alive that is chased down by paparazzi more then her husband. These two women are a super-duo comparable to only the likes of their husbands.

With the help of Ad Engine we were able to discover that, just like her husband, Beyoncé’s popularity on Facebook was higher than that of Kim’s. Pushing the data even further we analyzed the two divas’ popularity with age and gender breakdowns.


Age – The age break down varied, with Beyoncé being more popular in the age ranges of 13-20 and Kim leading not only in the 21-30 range but the 31-40 range as well. The three other ranges were virtually the same with Kim having a slightly greater popularity with 51-60 year olds.


Gender – Not surprisingly, the two ladies’ reach and popularity came from a heavy female interest – popularity nearly triple that of males.


Who Tops the Charts Overall?

Facebook would likely award the title of “power couple” to Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles, all despite Kanye and Kim’s ever-growing popularity. With that being said, we pinned the four superstars against one another on a stand-alone basis to see who has the greatest popularity on Facebook:


Facebook has spoken, and it looks like Beyonce was right – “girls run the world.”

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