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Facebook Exchange: Driving Results with Dynamic Creative

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

With the Nanigans Facebook Exchange (FBX) remarketing solution, advertisers have the option to dynamically display creative at an individual product, SKU level.  Dynamic creative is promising for advertisers because it offers them the ability to serve more relevant ads to consumers who have already showed intent.   A recent Nanigans study revealed that dynamic creative through FBX resulted in a 5.1.X higher ROI (return in sales revenue on the cost of ad spend) than more evergreen creative.

To help you make the most of your Facebook remarketing campaigns, we’ve  compiled a list of 10 best practices:

1. Use custom creative.

Using personalized creative and messaging at the SKU level, can allow you to display different creative to engage users at different points along the conversion funnel. For example, you can entice users with featured items if they browsed a landing page but went no further or a display creative reminding them of the items they abandoned in their shopping cart.   It’s critical to update your feeds so they are as close to real-time as possible.

2.  Set a baseline for performance.

Introducing too many creative variations at once will make it difficult for you to determine how it is impacting performance.  Focus first on targeting dynamic products, promotions and calls to action.   Once you have a baseline for performance, you can test other creative options such as images and colors.

3.  Leverage Facebook’s extensive targeting capabilities.

Take advantage of Facebook’s vast targeting segmentation capabilities.  This can be combined with dynamic creative to further target creative based on demographics, psychographics, affinities and behaviors.

4.  Find the right mix of inventory.

News Feed is the most engaging part of Facebook where people spend the majority of their time.  The centralized location of the News Feed combined with highly relevant ad content attracts eyeballs and drives response.    A Nanigans study revealed that Page post ads in News Feed delivered a 26x higher ROI than domain ads on the RHS.

We recommend a combination of News Feed and domain ads on the right hand side (RHS).  News Feed ads can be competitive for advertisers so RHS ads help to increase reach. 

5.  Find the right frequency.

Frequency refers to the number of ads displayed to an individual or audience in a specific timeframe.  You can set the how many times a person sees your ad per hour, day or week.  Lower frequency is not necessarily better.  A retailer working with Nanigans found that tripling their frequency from 5 to 15 ads per day resulted in the same performance.

6.  Carry your message across pages.

Carry the messaging in your ad through to your landing pages.  If you’re banner ad is about a particular product, carry that message and related creative elements to the landing page.

7.   Ensure your ads are relevant.

Targeted, relevant ads are proven to be more effective in driving conversions and increasing ROI.  Leverage dynamic data such as location to send people to the nearest store so they can make a purchase

8.  Be consistent across channels.

Facebook Page post ads can be delivered on both Facebook desktop and mobile.  This means you can reach users with dynamic creative across channels, ensuring better recognition and recall – and ultimately get them to click and convert.

9. Continually test performance.

It’s essential to monitor your campaigns early on and continually test performance. This will make sure that your objectives are achievable with your current creative. When your campaign meets an objective, set a higher goal and continue to make incremental changes to help you reach it.

10.  Track audiences through the funnel.

By following your audience through the funnel with conversion tags, you can gain insights into how well your campaign performing and make updates so you can achieve your goals.  Tracking downstream revenue will help you to focus on acquiring the most profitable customers and make the best use of your marketing spend.

FBX remarketing provides marketers with a seamless way to reconnect on Facebook with people who have visited their website.  If you are running a retargeting campaign on Facebook, you should consider leveraging dynamic creative to increase your campaign performance.  The contextual relevance and timing offered by dynamic creative make FBX one of the most powerful retargeting mediums in digital media today.

Nanigans’ FBX solution supports dynamic SKU based creative for both domain ads on the right hand rail, Page Post Link Ads and Unpublished Page Posts in the News Feed.  We can support hundreds or thousands of creative versions, make frequent changes to an ad, target a specific creative message to a specific audience and optimize best performing creative elements.


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