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A New Approach to Strategy Definition! Introducing “Goals & Rules”

Written by: Tricia Chang, Product Manager

At Nanigans, nothing is more important to us than our customers so when we envisioned the perfect solution to creating ad strategy, we saw something truly great.

We envisioned a streamlined strategy creation process, complete with step-by-step instruction that helps advertisers focus on establishing their business goals and targets. Underneath the simple interface would sit a smart, dynamic and intuitive technology, designed to implement all of Nanigans’ campaign best practices to help advertisers achieve their designated objectives.

G&RToday, we launched this new approach to strategy groups, named “Goals and Rules”, which will save advertisers time, energy, and most importantly, money by allocating spend as efficiently as possible amongst only the highest performing ads.

We are really proud of this new approach and can’t wait to get your thoughts. Schedule a complete walk through with your account team today – they’re ready to answer any questions about the new interface and how Goals & Rules will help you reach your advertising goals.

Other great updates this week include:

Custom Audiences – Today we also released an improved interface to our Custom Audiences feature, where advertisers can log into Ad Engine to create and edit custom and lookalike audiences.


A crisp and clean interface is just the beginning – we have a number of great updates to our Custom Audience feature lined up. Be sure to look out for even more next week.

Performance and Speed – The speed and performance of our platform are initiatives we continuously try to improve upon. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to make a conscious effort to enhance different parts of our platform to make sure the usability and speed of our interface and data rendering are up to par. This week we targeted the Ad Plan and focused our energy on shortening Ad Plan saving times, tab-to-tab navigation, moving to a destination from a drop down and more!

Navigation UX – Shortcuts and quick links – a few very good wins to help you navigate from one section of the Ad Engine to another. We want to make sure the data and information you’re after is easy and quick to get to, so we’ve added a number of great shortcuts and menus to ease the process.

For a full list of this week’s product updates, click here to check out our Knowledge Base.


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