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Nanigans Office Tour [Slide Show]

Written by: Jennie White, Marketing Associate

This presentation was originally published on VentureFizz.

When VentureFizz asked us to contribute to their office tour series we jumped at the opportunity! We’re very proud of Nanigans’ HQ here at 60 State St. and we couldn’t wait to share it with everyone. As you’ll see in the SlideShare below our office space is a true representation of Nanigans’ culture–our open office space encourages collaboration, thought-swapping and support when there is a problem.

We would like to thank VentureFizz for giving us this awesome opportunity. This was a truly collaborative project–Campaign Manager, Pavan Patidar took time out of his busy schedule to capture all of the awesome shots. Enough babbling, it’s time for the tour! Come on up (well flip through our SlideShare) to 12th floor at 60 State and see what goes on behind-the-scenes here at Nanigans.

Thanks for stopping by!
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