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New! Auto-Creation and Updating of Custom Audiences

Written by: Tricia Chang, Product Manager

At Nanigans, we strive to make things easier for advertisers everywhere so innovation is always at the top of our list.

Today, we’re proud to introduce Automated Custom Audiences as our newest and latest feature. With auto-creation and updating of Custom Audiences enabled, Ad Engine now allows advertisers enormous flexibility in the way custom audiences are created and continually maintained.

With this feature enabled, advertisers no longer have to rely on manual CRM list pulls or re-running SQL queries to get the most relevant lists for targeting. By enabling the auto-creation of custom audiences feature, Ad Engine will take care of everything.

Custom audiences will be automatically created and updated every time an event is captured by a Nanigans pixel, so it gives advertisers constant and immediate access to their most relevant audiences without the upkeep and maintenance of keeping their Custom Audiences up-to-date.


With automation, the benefits are endless. Pixel-based Custom Audiences allow for even deeper forms of retargeting and exclusion so now advertisers have easier access to targeting users that have submitted forms, installed an app, or even downloaded a tutorial. They can also easily retarget users who have added a product to cart but never completed a purchase by simply excluding an automated list of purchasers from the campaign’s ad targeting section.

By having real-time access to the most up-to-date audiences, ad campaigns will be more relevant and thus, yield better results. Better results with less upkeep and maintenance is what we’re continually striving for and auto-creation and updating of custom audiences is a big step in the right direction.

Let us know what you think about custom audience automation.


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