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New Features for Easier Reporting!

Written by: Tricia Chang, Product Manager

At Nanigans we know how important data is. It helps advertisers understand how their ad campaigns are doing, where there are opportunities for campaign improvement and ultimately which customer segments provide the greatest return on ad spend.

Providing our customers easy access to great reporting is a top priority of ours and this week we’re excited to announce some great UI improvements that make data extraction and campaign reporting from Placements Analysis even easier.

First up is our “Jump to Site” feature. This newly added functionality makes it easy for advertisers managing multiple sites to move from one site to another with ease, while remaining in Placements Analysis. Located at the top of the page in Placements Analysis, the added drop down features an easy, type-to-search capability to make locating and selecting sites easier.


Another great improvement included in this release is our brand new column and filter selection UI. Our update features a cleaned-up UI to make navigation for both column selection and filter options easier. It uses a folder organization structure on the left-hand side of the pop-up that limits time spent on scrolling and searching for desired metrics and options. This feature also makes it easier to identify and edit which selections clients have chosen to expose in their desired report.


Last up is our View Page Post in Facebook link added to our Placement Details pages. This addition features a new link that appears within the placement information and gives advertisers direct access to the page post on Facebook.

Stay tuned for more great updates to Placements Analysis in the near future!

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