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Education Vertical Case Study: Moving To The News Feed

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing


Advertising in the News Feed is in full effect, with a significant percent of revenue shifting from areas like the RHS. While Nanigans encourages advertisers to consider all ad units on Facebook and allocate spend solely based on performance as opposed to trends, a recent case study highlighted the Education vertical and testing performance comparing the RHS against the News Feed.

Client Vertical: Education


Compare ad performance of News Feed Link Ad vs RHS. For this test, performance was defined as return on investment, evaluating user click to revenue.

Campaign Details: 

Nanigans served just under 90M impressions, generating over 130k clicks in 45 days.


Revenue performance in the News Feed resulted in a 110% greater ROI and 60% more efficient CPA compared to RHS.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.25.40 AM


For those advertisers that aren’t taking advantage of the News Feed at scale, now is the time to start before the holiday season is in swing! Remember this, Facebook has a targeted, Super Bowl sized audience engaging every night during prime time across both desktop and mobile. When focusing ads in the News Feed, remember the three main aspects of a successful strategy are predicated upon:

Creative: Advertisers need to focus on aesthetics (imagery should be used to gain interest), language (should be used to engender consideration) and finally relevancy (determines if a user will take action), which comes down to targeting.

Targeting: With over a googol targeting options on Facebook, advertisers have demographics, device, affinities, behavior, social activity and CRM/email data targeting at their disposal.

Optimization: In order to ensure Facebook campaigns scale with confidence, optimizing around maturity curves, affinity models and cohort analysis is essential to properly track, expand and invest in performance marketing on Facebook with confidence levels at statistical significance.

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