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Push Ads Confidently with our New Ad Preview!

Written by: Tricia Chang, Product Manager

We’ve been hearing you tell us how important it is to be able to view each ad creative exactly the way it will appear in Facebook before launching your ads. This week we’re happy to announce we’ve made that a reality with our newly released version of Ad Preview!

ad preview - previewAt Nanigans we’re always looking for ways to improve our ad creation process for our advertisers and incorporating a realistic representation of ad creative within Ad Engine seemed a logical next step. This week, we’ve exposed this feature in Ad Plan which supports the ability to preview all of our Facebook ad types, including video content, prior to ad launch.

In this preview, advertisers will be able to view how their ad creative will truly render in Facebook. If launching an Unpublished Page Post with video content, our Ad Preview also supports playing the video so advertisers can launch their ads confidently.

Ad previews have also been incorporated into Placements Analysis as well as Placement Details pages to provide visual reference when looking through and evaluating campaign performance.

Check out Ad Preview today and tell us what you think! For a full view of all the features released in this week’s release, check out our product update in the Knowledge Base.

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