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Facebook + TV: Where Does the Advertising Opportunity Lie?

Written by: Jennie White, Marketing Associate

The television was the first screen to enter living rooms, and then came computers, cell phones and smartphones. The age of TV audiences’ sole focus being on the show in front of them is over; now audiences are using their computers, smartphones and watching TV simultaneously. According to a study reported on by Fast Company, 81% of Americans use their smartphone and TV concurrently; what was the most popular activity for smartphone users while watching TV? Social networking. 44% of tablet owners and 38% of smartphone users visited a social media site. Enter Facebook. In a report conducted by Nielson, one in four 18-24 year olds are going Facebook while watching a given TV network during primetime and one in three 25-34-year-olds are on Facebook while simultaneously watching TV.

The multi-screen interaction and combination of being on Facebook and watching TV provides a huge opportunity for advertisers.  Here are a couple of statistics and takeaways to show the potential:

  • Let’s start with top of the funnel marketing and talk about the brand awareness a TV ad with a social CTA to action can drive. For the past year or so brands have placed CTAs to ‘Like’ their Facebook page on Twitter; while it is challenging to back out ROI on Facebook likes, a study conducted by Syncapse concluded that Facebook fans are worth $174.00 (we also discuss how to quantify fans in this blog post). Brands connecting their TV ad campaigns to social media are connecting with the customer on two screens which aids in brand awareness.
  • Thanks to social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, TV shows (especially season finales, award shows, and sports championships) are now producing hundreds of thousands comments, ‘Likes’, tweets and re-tweets. During the season finale of Breaking Bad, Facebook reported 3M posts, comments and likes. The social conversations happening around TV shows allow advertisers to not only insert themselves into the conversation, but to run concurrent TV commercials and Facebook ads. Coupling audience data from TV networks and Facebook’s data has the potential to yield a campaign with a high ROI, because the customer is engaged twice via the TV and then on mobile or the PC.
  • Over two-thirds of Americans under the age of 44 who own several devices are likely to search and shop for a product they’ve seen while watching TV. Brands who are able to create seamless messaging with their Facebook ads and their TV commercials will have an edge when they introduce device, behavior, interest, and audience targeting. Complementary messaging coupled with audience targeting will help with relevancy across screens.

This is only the beginning of the multi-channel ad strategy; As Carolyn Everson, the VP of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook so eloquently said, “it’s not a question of TV versus Facebook. I think we’re at a stage where the conversation is really TV plus Facebook.” Facebook and television should be looked at complimentary mediums to reach consumers.

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