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Nanigans’ Agency Partner Increases Ad Spend on Facebook by 600% [Case Study]

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

Digital agency, OrionCKB (formerly Constellation CK), has a proven track record on Facebook with deep expertise on managing advertising campaigns for multiple clients with monthly budgets exceeding $50,000. To supercharge its growth, OrionCKB turned to Nanigans to expand and improve their offering for delivering Facebook marketing at scale.

Through their partnership with Nanigans, OrionCKB increased clients by 5x, and as a result, their client-managed ad spend on Facebook climbed by 600%.


Many Facebook advertisers and their agencies start out managing their advertising campaigns with Facebook’s tools, however, they quickly find that it becomes cumbersome for managing large-scale campaigns.  With its extensive creative and audience targeting options, Facebook offers the potential for thousands of ads so the challenge for marketers is figuring out which of these ads are performing and how much future value these Facebook customers will contribute to their business.


OrionCKB leveraged Nanigans’ Ad Engine SaaS Platform to help their clients find and acquire profitable customers on Facebook.  Nanigans’ helped to solve:  1) workflow management at scale, including multivariate testing of creative and audience targeting as well as automated bid and budget management and 2) lifetime ROI prediction, measurement and optimization around downstream and delayed purchase events.

Beyond this, OrionCKB has full transparency into true media spend and return, as well as bidding and optimization decisioning logic. And they have access to 100+ customer analytics and reporting metrics from cost per purchasing user to lifetime return.


By leveraging Nanigans’ Ad Engine platform, OrionCKB rapidly scaled their clients Facebook marketing campaigns.

Through their partnership with Nanigans, the company increased clients year-over-year by 5x.


OrionCKB’s client-managed ad spend on Facebook climbed 600% year-over-year.


Based on improved campaign results, a top-spending client increased its monthly Facebook advertising budget from $80,000 to $200,000.


Nanigans’ Ad Engine is the only advertising platform that measures, predicts and optimizes ad spend for lifetime ROI on both desktop and mobile.  This allows agencies to make advertising more efficient for their clients by helping them recognize long-term, high value customers.

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