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Invest in Your Most Valuable Customers with Predictive Lifetime Value [Infographic]

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

Not all customers are created equal. Smart marketers don’t treat all customers the same but invest in the customers who will deliver the greatest contribution over time.

Instead of approaching customer acquisition based on Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), many performance marketers these days are thinking bigger. CPA based bidding always targets the least expensive customers. Marketers are moving beyond CPA, leveraging predictive lifetime value (LTV) to spend their media dollars efficiently. Predictive lifetime value projects the amount of revenue or profit a customer generates over time, so you can understand their long-term value right away.

If you are managing performance marketing campaigns at scale, take a look the infographic below to discover how savvy marketers are leveraging Predictive Lifetime Value to maximize their investment today.

Make sure you click on the image to view the full infographic!

PLTV-Infographic copy1


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