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The Power of Product Innovation in Advertising – A Story of Facebook Link Page Post Ads

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

As one of the initial companies to develop software on Facebook’s Ads API more than 3 years ago, Nanigans has been at the forefront of innovation in advertising. The industry has moved from touting the promise of Facebook as a marketing channel, to accomplishing feats such as scaling $1 million in Facebook ad spend for 1 advertiser in 1 day – and doing so profitably.

There have been a number of factors critical to Facebook’s advertising success, the foundation of which is the company’s commitment to an experience and destination near to food in necessity – with people today checking Facebook on average more than 14 times a day from their mobile phones alone.

The other critical force behind Facebook’s success in advertising: product innovation. From creative and targeting to optimization and reporting, the company is constantly building and testing, iterating and improving – a stark contrast to age-old standards governing other parts of the online ad industry. While this speed of change may at times frustrate, it comes from a place of creating a more relevant ad experience for consumers and enhanced performance for advertisers.

Facebook’s broad release of updates to its link Page post ad units this past September is a prime example.

A Study in Aggregate

LPP_ROINanigans’ platform automatically allocates spend to ad placements driving the greatest lifetime value and ROI. And in mid-September, spend to Facebook’s link Page post ads automatically increased by 3.4X through our software.

Why? Because the system saw an increase in ROI behind these ad placements — an increase of more than 2.5X. Generating greater ROI for marketers, link Page post ads grew from representing on average 6% of advertiser spend the week prior to innovation in the ad unit to 16% of spend the week after its release.

Advertisers achieved on average a 44% increase in CTR engagement with link Page post ads after the ad product’s release and on average a 32% decrease in CPCs, with CPMs decreasing slightly 1.4%.

Behind the Performance

LPP_OLDNEWThe improved performance centered on enhancements to two ad product elements: creative and conversion funnel. The new version of the ad unit offers a canvas more than 3X larger than its predecessor, empowering brands to display their product in more compelling ways to draw consumer attention and engagement. Additionally, Facebook made the ad unit’s entire area clickable, honing the conversion funnel to lead consumers directly off-site to the advertiser’s destination no matter where they clicked.

In the case above, advertisers leveraging Nanigans’ value-driven automation were immediately able to take advantage of the benefits inherent in the new link Page post ad by recognizing early ROI improvements and allocating more budget accordingly.

Much of the beauty of native advertising is that its form and function blends impeccably with the user experience. Facebook’s focus on innovation in ad products in this context offers marketers opportunity in novelty, relevancy and conversion. And while at times this speed of ad product innovation may frustrate, marketers who understand and embrace the innovation can reap very real rewards!

Have you had success with link Page post ads? Let us know in the comments!

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