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New Algorithm Improvements to Goals and Rules

Written by: Tricia Chang, Product Manager

At Nanigans, we’re very proud of our optimization algorithms so we constantly push the boundaries to improve performance. That’s why we have a team of analytical and business-savvy data scientists who build machine learning algorithms and analyze advertising campaigns to predict user behavior.

Last week our data science team finalized a bidding algorithm change to our Goals and Rules strategy groups to address the difference between the perceived value of a conversion event, what we bid for that conversion and what we end up paying.

Within 5 days we’ve already seen significant results. We compared Goals and Rules to our Universal 5 template and after November 14th, we’ve seen a steady increase in FB spend in Goals and Rules strategy groups in comparison to Universal 5.

FB Spend

We also looked at average Cost per Click across both strategy group templates and while Universal 5 CPC has kept steady, average CPC for Goals and Rules has declined significantly after we implemented the update.


With more ads being delivered, and CPCs being lowered, we consider this algorithm update a huge win for our technology and for our clients. We highly recommend using Goals and Rules to achieve optimal performance for all your holiday campaigns and beyond.

For more information on Goals and Rules, check out our Knowledge Base.

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