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Cyber Monday Expected to be Bigger, Better Than Ever on Facebook

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

If you are an online retailer, this is one of busiest times of year.  And it’s about to get more hectic from here on out.

The Monday after Thanksgiving is known as Cyber Monday.  This year it falls on December 2nd.  If you’re keeping track, that’s only a week away!

U.S. retailers have traditionally considered Black Friday the unofficial start of the critical holiday selling season, however, new results from Nielsen’s Holiday Spending Forecast study indicate that 85 percent of consumers plan on skipping the stores on Black Friday this year. Instead, nearly half of consumers (46%) said they will shop online this Cyber Monday, compared with 30 percent in 2012, a notable 16-point increase.


According to Nielsen, 88 percent of consumers said they will use their computers this year to do their Cyber Monday shopping. Shopping with mobile devices will also be something more prominent this year, with 37 percent of consumers planning to use tablets and 27 percent planning to use their cell phones to make purchases this Cyber Monday. 74% of online shoppers will rely on store websites and word of mouth to get information on Cyber Monday deals, while nearly half, 48%, will turn to social media sites like Facebook.

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A Look Back at Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Facebook in 2012

In reviewing Facebook advertising campaigns during the 2012 Black Friday through Cyber Monday shopping weekend, retailers across the board saw on average 30% higher clickthrough rates (CTRs) on their Facebook ads as compared to earlier in November.


And one of our largest retail clients had a 28% increase in ROI during Thanksgiving Weekend as compared to the prior weekend.  Cyber Monday generated the greatest increase, with a 54% increase in same-day ROI as compared to the prior Monday (11/19)

If Facebook marketers play their Black Friday/Cyber Monday cards right, they’ll be on the way to increasing revenue and kicking off the holiday shopping season with a bang.   For more ideas on how to prepare for the busiest shopping week of the year, read our posts:  How to Make Sure Your Facebook Holiday Ad Creative Stays Ahead of the Curve and 4 Tips for Targeting Shoppers on Facebook This Holiday Season.  Good Luck!

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