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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday on Facebook

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

Black Friday online spending reached record numbers over the weekend. According to Comscore, Black Friday 2013 saw $1,198 billion in desktop online sales, making it the first billion-dollar holiday season shopping day and heaviest online spending day to date, up 15% from Black Friday 2012. Cyber Monday is expected to be even bigger – this day usually produces billion-plus sales for retailers and this year Comscore is predicting $1.8 billion in desktop ecommerce.

Always interested in how holiday shopping trends stack up on Facebook, Nanigans looked to our Ad Engine platform to see how Black Friday and Cyber Monday stacked up against each other on Facebook. Check out some of the interesting differences between the two busiest online shopping days of the year.

Black Friday has a higher overall reach than Cyber Monday on Facebook. This aligns with broader holiday shopping trends with more people opting to avoid the Black Friday crowds and do their holiday shopping online.


Next, we took a look at the gender breakdown for each day. Not surprisingly, women are more likely than men to take advantage of the post Thanksgiving shopping season.


Cyber Monday=Cyber Moms. Cyber Monday skews a lot older than Black Friday. This is likely because adults are back at work on Monday while teens have the day off on Friday. Marketers featured sales throughout the weekend to reach the bigger spenders on Cyber Monday.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are expected to be the biggest online shopping days of the year on Facebook.  More than 131 million U.S. consumers plan to shop on Cyber Monday, up from 129 million last year.  Many retailers are offering a wider variety of items on sale and most will offer free shipping to entice users to click and ultimately make purchases. To see how retail, gaming and travel companies fared during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year, stay tuned for our Black Friday through Cyber Monday Facebook holiday advertising study.

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