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It’s Never Too Late to Capitalize on Your Holiday Traffic

Written by: Tricia Chang, Product Manager

With Cyber Monday traffic shattering records across the nation, it’s never been more important to hone in and revisit your advertising strategy.

With the huge surge of traffic this past holiday weekend, enabling FBX to re-market to your non-purchasers on Facebook is a great place to start. Serve them ads after visiting your website over the holiday weekend to continue generating revenue this season.

Video Mobile App InstallVideos are also often used to generate buzz and capture interest around the holidays. With hundreds of thousands of people getting new phones and tablets this holiday season, it has never been a better time to use video to showcase app usage or game play. This week we’ve extended Ad Engine’s mobile app install capabilities to support video creative to capitalize on video’s ability to drive engagement. Now advertisers can inject brand voice, highlight core app functions and inspire intrigue in game play to lift app install rates and effectively decrease overall cost per install. Just make sure your video is formatted as an MP4, is limited to 15 seconds in length and is less than 55MB in size to get started.

Lastly, use your customer base. Find out who your most valued customers are and segment them by purchase category, registrations or specific interests. Then re-market to them and create lookalike audiences to further extend your reach. Lookalike audiences have proven to be of great value – achieving 50% greater LTV in comparison to audiences acquired from standard targeting.

Capitalizing on holiday traffic doesn’t just end on Cyber Monday! There’s always other ways to keep optimizing. For more resources on how to stay ahead, check out our other recent blog post: How to Make Sure Your Facebook Holiday Ad Creative Stays Ahead of the Curve.

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