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Nanigans’ Marketing Vision

Written by: Cheryl Morris, VP Marketing

What defines an inspiring marketing vision? What makes a company soar to the upper echelon of thought leadership within their industry? To be more succinct, how do you as a marketer come to engage with, invite into your own brand and allow yourself to be inspired by a company like Nanigans? The answer is actually quite simple; trust. Trust in the idea a company like Nanigans has to disrupt the future of an industry, execute on company vision and deliver proprietary technology conceptualized and built for customers to bring to market.

As we approach the end of the year, I look back on a company that spends over $350M in annualized marketing spend, has grown to over 250 industry leading enterprise customers, 145 employees, across Boston, New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore and Sydney (LATAM in the production), and a company that has solidified its true identity in an exceptionally crowded and confusing industry.

So what is truly at the heart of our vision here at Nanigans?

Core specialization

Nanigans’ vision and core specialization is being the first in-house SaaS platform that allows marketers to maximize return on ad spend by utilizing predictive lifetime value (predictive lifetime value is a marketing practice conceptualized and introduced to the market by Nanigans). Focused on ROI performance marketing at scale, Nanigans is applying machine learning algorithms and analytics that predict and project how audiences and customers will behave and purchase over time to programmatic media buying. This unique approach blends and applies maturity curves, cohort analysis, layered data and affinity modeling, arming marketers with industry shifting predictive data and optimization tools to implement at scale.

Customer success

While Nanigans is a SaaS company with over 50% of employees dedicated to engineering, machine learning, analytics and data science initiatives, it’s humans that use software. And where there are humans using Nanigans software there’s a customer success team helping them every step of the way. From video conference training to in-person training, customer council summits and dedicated/localized account management teams, it’s our belief that software is still used by humans and those humans need a support system predicated upon training modules. Nanigans is delighted and honored to be able to work with leading brands including:


For those customers interested in leveraging our software but do not wish to manage it in-house, Nanigans offers a certified partner program consisting of agencies and consultants that specialize in campaign management across strategic verticals.

Verticals & marketing channels

Nanigans can’t be everything to everyone, and our customer demographic reflects focus. Focus first within specific marketing verticals consisting of our leading vertical in E-commerce, followed by pure-play digital (online only), lead generation, gaming and travel. As for marketing channels: social, mobile and re-targeting (and the channels that they impact, whether on or offline) are the focus and we’ll continue to work with and consider numerous options as we forge into 2014. Now think about the largest social and mobile publishers, and don’t forget re-targeting. Who first comes to mind? Probably companies like Facebook, Twitter and MoPub.

Social channels

Now think even bigger. In addition to Facebook, Twitter and MoPub, what about the entire list (which we’re excited to announce integrations with next year!) of leading social and mobile publishers and channels?

If you’re an in-house enterprise marketer, how can you currently access these channels from one interface and run your prospecting and re-targeting campaigns at scale? The answer is by paying a substantial premium, typically for mediocre “managed” service. Who ever heard of a 20% markup? We’re not buying beers at a ballgame, paying for hotel room service, buying brand-name drugs…are we? No, yet all too often marketers are paying an excessive premium for access to their core marketing channels and all for something that they could so easily manage in-house. Think about it, what would you do with an extra 10% of your annual budget back in your pocket? Hire more talent, purchase additional media, invest in market research? What would you do if you were in full control of your media buying 100% of the time? The cost benefits and real-time market opportunities of a self-serve platform are endless, and that’s what we’re here to bring to the industry, and more importantly our customers.

It’s our job at Nanigans to continue to understand the ever-changing marketplace and provide our customers with access via our software to the best opportunities to drive revenue from social and mobile, and our expansion plans will stay true to that mentality.

Product roadmap

Our current focus on the product team is further developing and honing in on product usability across a few principle pillars which consist of:


Of course additional efforts are always concentrated around improving our offering across campaign management, monitoring and analysis, data and optimization, targeting and finally additional marketing channel/partner integrations.

Industry education & thought leadership

This is an area that we take quite seriously, dedicating ourselves to marketing strategy and vision for the sole purpose of industry education. It’s been a focus since the inception of the company and it will continue to be a staple as we grow. Let’s be honest, ad tech doesn’t always have the best reputation, so the more our industry can help to educate and enlighten those around us the better we’ll all be moving forward. We were fortunate enough to be recognized publicly a few hundred times this year by publications including:


While always encouraging to be featured, what is much more meaningful is the actual content available to marketers. Some highlights from this year (and a small taste of what to expect in 2014) consist of:

  1. Our blog –
  2. Marketing resource center –
  3. Retail benchmark report –
  4. Gaming benchmark report –
  5. Our culture deck –
  6. How to spend $1M in 1 day on Facebook –
  7. Tomorrow’s predictive lifetime value today –
  8. Facebook is the new mall –
  9. Facebook is no longer social marketing –
  10. Speaking at advertising week, fashion week, in total over 20 conferences this year around the globe

Well that’s what it all comes down to; trust. Trust, and of course core specialization, customer success, verticals and marketing channels, product roadmap and finally industry education and thought leadership. The truth of the matter is that a significant number of ad tech companies won’t exist in a few short years. It will be the ones would have accurately predicted the future, built for that future and truly disrupted their industry. Nanigans is poised to continue pioneering its concept of predictive lifetime value software for in-house enterprise marketers across social and mobile marketing.

Are you ready to join us? Learn more now.

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