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Top 10 Facebook Advertising Posts of 2013

Written by: Laurie Cutts, Director of Marketing

2013 was a year of significant growth for Facebook advertising, with the social network offering multiple new opportunities for advertisers–from new mobile and video advertising options, to streamlining its ad formats to expanding targeting tools like Custom Audiences and partner categories. From thought leadership to case studies to best practices, Nanigans helped educate and inform advertisers on the latest and greatest Facebook advertising trends and opportunities.

We’ve counted down the top 10 blog posts of 2013 based on total page views. And we’re looking forward to sharing more helpful content with you in the New Year so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you receive all of the latest updates.

1. How Page Post Ads in News Feed Drive Direct Response and ROI

Nanigans conducted a study across multiple verticals to uncover how two popular Facebook News Feed ad units, Page post link ads and Page post photo ads, drive direct response and ROI.

2. Unpublished Page Posts: 10 Reasons Why Advertisers are Flocking

With Facebook unlocking delivery to the most engaging part of Facebook, the News Feed, early adopters were quick to shift their budgets to test the ad unit’s effectiveness in meeting their business goals — be it acquiring lifelong customers or driving incremental sales.

3. How to Spend a Million Dollars in One Day on Facebook

Find out how we spent one million dollars, on one campaign, each day, for an entire weekend to acquire 500,000 new users a day on Facebook.

4. Facebook’s Billion Dollar Product You’ve Never Heard Of

While Facebook mobile and Facebook Exchange have garnered the attention of marketers and investors, another Facebook product is poised to claim (if it hasn’t already) the next billion – Custom Audiences.

5. 7 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Mobile Ad CTRs

As mobile app marketers shift their dollars to Facebook, they increasingly want to know what makes users click? Find out which creatives really work best on mobile and some best practices for improving your Facebook mobile ad CTRs.

6. Mobile Advertising in a Multichannel World

Any marketer will tell you – mobile has changed advertising forever. With over 14,000 different smart devices and tablets, it’s safe to assume that smartphones and tablets are here to stay. It’s a big topic, but one you can tackle with our eBook: Mobile Advertising in a Multichannel World.

7. Attention Advertisers: Facebook is no Longer Social Marketing. It’s Performance Marketing.

A post on the state of advertising on Facebook. Facebook is no longer where social marketing budget is allocated but instead where performance marketing budget is allocated.

8. App Climbs App Store Ranking from #253 to #5 in 10 Days with Facebook Mobile Ads

Learn how Facebook mobile app install ads helped this mobile app developer soar from #253 to #5 in the Apple App Store in just 10 days.

9. How to Create Compelling Page Post Ads

Advertising on Facebook is not the same as Google. It’s not the same as TV. It’s not the same as radio. Great creative is critical to the success of your Facebook News Feed advertising campaign. Facebook offers numerous vehicles for you to connect with customers, of which, Page post ads are incredibly compelling.

10. Why Advertisers Can’t Leverage FBX Without Native Facebook Ads API Buys

Nanigans conducted a study of over $1.2 million in sales revenue from an ecommerce giant to understand the interplay between the Facebook Ads API (native Facebook audience targeting) and the Facebook Exchange (impression-level retargeting on Facebook).

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